Google Earth, Scrabble, Star Walk: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Apps

Here are some popular and my favourite apps (applications) for your Apple iPad tablet PC, iPhone mobile and iPod Touch (FYI for upcoming Apple iPhone 4 with iOS 4, Apple's iTune Store 9.2 is ready):
1. Google Earth:
Now Google Earth app is also available on Apple iPad in Apple iTunes store, ready for a download for free, whole of the Earth is on your palm now, try to fly to all corners of the planet Earth, with a the swipe of a finger, watch stunning imageries, explore global satellite, which includes high-resolution imageries, watch the latest geo-located Wikipedia articles,
2. Scrabble:
Scrabble is a popular English language board game in whole of the world, here you play with letters and words on digital screens of Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch now with this $9.99 app,
3. Star Walk Apple iPad App:
Walk on the stars and be an astronomer with this iPad astronomy app, this costs one time USD 4.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes store, this app has won Apple's design awards for 2010, so you can imagine how beautiful this app is,
You will love many of its great features like Time machine - time travel, Sky Live, Picture of the day, moon phases, Wikipedia links, worth a download!
4. UpNext 3D Cities:
Again a free app for Apple iGadgets (iPad etc), with this you can redefine a map and view it in 3dimension, right now its available in full 3D for New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, and Austin, many more cities are ready to hit this 3D app on Apple,
More soon, stay tuned...

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