Free PTT-Walkie Talkie on iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch

This free voice messenger permits to make instant talks with and also helps in locating friends and family, no account etc. ever needed, start this free walkie-talkie app, select any contact, than push the button and get start talking...voila!

Send or receive voice messages, better than text messaging (do preferably on an unlimited data plan), push notification alerts, use with 3G, WIFI or EDGE networks, it has nice audio quality; it could be addictive, so try and make cheers!!!

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried TiKL on iPhone? It is the top communication app on Android. Now it is available on iPhone. It is the only PTT app that I found to give truly instant private conversations. It also supports group talk to multiple friends at once. And it is FREE. :-)

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