Free Mundu Live Stream FM Radio for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, App

Mundu Internet Radio is provided by Geodesic Limited, it’s a cool app which provides 24 hours, 365 days, free crystal clear FM / digital quality music, songs etc of many genres and from many countries, is now available in Apple iTunes App store too (for UDS 2.99) which could be downloaded on Apple iGadgets like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch etc,

Remember it was and is always available for Nokia Symbian (available in Ovi store) etc mobiles as I am using it for last two years for free via GPRS, FYI: it uses large bandwidth like Skype so be sure to have an unlimited data plan before going MUNDU!

Mundu streaming radio app is free for : Palm OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile Dmart Phone, Windows mobile pocket PC, and Blacberry, but it cost one time USD 2.99 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch,


Mundu by Geodesic also has a free IM app for apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch etc


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