Free International Call between Android to Android: Free App by Rebtel v. 1.1

Rebtel the reliable mobile to mobile international VOIP call provider has released an App for Android based mobile phones and devices to make free international mobile calls,

Try Rebtel here below for free,

The good thing is Rebtel office / Rebtel guys love to visit this Talkfree7 Blog like you : )

Using Rebtel's latest Android phone app v. 1.1 one can make free abroad calling: Android to Android, between 50+ nations (at the cost of your local call), and low cost calls to other countries or devices using its cheap international call rates, the assured thing is REBTEL IS RELIABLE, it’s a Sweden based VOIP (internet telephony) call provider using cell phone, no PC access ever needed,

Rebtel Android to Android seamless worldwide free calls can be made using a traditional 3G cellular network and no need of any WIFI hotspots or any broadband or PC, its purely mobile to mobile (or rather Rebtel works with any phone: landline, cell, feature phone or smart mobile phone),

Rebtel's Android mobile VOIP app works in background of the default dial pad,

You can download Rebtel’s Android app from Android marketplace for free...



Mathew said...

You can also download a free app from the App store called Freephoo to make free phone calls from your iPad to other freephoo users using your 3G or WiFi service. Besides this, you can make calls to anyone across the world with freephoo premium.

kartikshradha said...

@Mathew thanks for the valuable info, take care,

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