At FIFA Make Free & Cheap International VOIP Call from South Africa on Go using Mobile / iPad

For the 19th FIFA world cup 2010 lovers in South Africa, we have some nice free to cheap mobile VOIP international calling apps, so you can make a free or a very low cost call to yours from FIFA 2010 country, the South Africa, that’s too on the move using cell phone or Apple iPad!

Truphone mobile / iPad VOIP app:

Truphone provides mobile and iPad VOIP app for international calling over many handsets which includes, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Symbian, Windows, Android etc,

You can download Truphone app to your mobile and start making unlimited international calls on go, remember, its WIFI to WIFI (Truphone to Truphone) calling is free all over the world,

For FIFA world cup football lovers in South Africa, Truphone have some special gift to make cheap WIFI international calls on go from mobile phones, there VOIP call app is free to download and cheap calls can be made via WIFI using 32+ type of mobile handsets,

They also explain how to search for free or paid WIFI hotspots in South Africa, like one could be in your hotel or so,


TRUSTIVE provides this WIFI info in details about mobile internet access and WIFIs, Trustive also offers a mobile internet pass to access 3G or WIFI networks in S. Africa, and a Trustive SIM card for data roaming in South Africa on your smart mobile handset,

Even you can use SKYPE ACCESS (Skype’s own WIFI hotspot access for small payment) and locate a suitable WIFI hotspot near you for some small hassle free pricing, though many countries are giving away free WIFI using Skype access on their team days (..."But on the day of the Games in Brazil will be free access at any hotspot Vex...")!

VOPIUM: too provides for free mobile VOIP international calls over WIFI to WIFI and VOPIUM to VOPIUM around the globe,

FRING.COM for smart mobiles and iPad:

Fring is a very popular mobile VOIP app from Israel, its wonderful and provides worldwide free overseas calling from anywhere to anywhere, FRING TO FRING and WIFI to WIFI, it could be downloaded from FRING.COM for free on any type of mobile including iPad, if you want to make a call to non Fringer than you have to pay some small money,

Fring mobile VOIP app also provides for making free video calls,

Its another wonderful cell to cell (any cell phone) call provider to the world, including free calls to few nations, and FIRST call for all new users is always Free! We recommend this service if you do not mind to spend some money on nice and smart calling from mobile, its hassle free,

Skype to Go:

Finally you can always use SKYPE TO GO from a LOCAL (to avoid international roaming) South African SIM / Mobile and Skype to Go is a paid service though but its world class and hassle free Skype VOIP calling,

Wish you a Happy FIFA 2010…at South Africa, C ya there!!!

Free Skype VOIP calling to Landlines for a month in wake of FIFA 2010

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