FIFA Live Broadcast on iPad, Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mobile: Internet Streaming Video

Technology has no bounds: live streaming-broadcasting video and TV could be aired over the internet to be watched on the mobile handsets, laptops, PDAs, Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android based smart mobiles etc,

FIFA world cup 2010 is ongoing in South Africa, teams are in a mood of frenzy, you can watch them struggling, live on your Apple iPad, Mobiles, Android devices etc now with live broadcasting of TV / video / media over the net, with ORB LIVE APP, available for USD 9.99 in Apple iTune store and also available in Android marketplace for Android devices,

The Orb live app is major gaming consoles compatible too, like Wii, PS3, Xbox, means enjoy your media on a TV screen,

You need an always ON MAC or a Windows PC at home with broadband and it will than work for you as a live broadcasting station to your iPad, iPhone, iPhone Touch, Android etc devices (your devices must have this app, a flash player, media player and a browser) and you can watch live streaming TV, FIFA world cup etc, over WIFI, EDGE or internet,

OrbLive users in the USA who can access ESPN3 from their home Mac or PC can now tune to live FIFA on their Apple gadgets: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and all Android devices and phones...


How to get started:


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