FIFA: Free Skype VOIP Calls to Landlines for Whole One Month

FIFA football world cup stream is live now-a-days in South Africa; teams are in a do or die mode, the world is watching and waiting to see the winner!

Skype is becoming a synonym for the VOIP (it sends voice in a manner of data packets) or we say as broadband telephony, web calling, Internet telephony, Browser calling, click to call, P2P calling, Free unlimited international video calling (Skype to Skype, anytime, anywhere)...!

Skype has a lucrative free calls offer for making call in six continents (this free offer is available on first come; first served basis) for the ongoing FIFA world cup football in South Africa, so when you buy a Skype subscription to any of the countries (excluding North Korea and Ivory Coast) playing footabll in FIFA world cup at South Africa, Skype will give away FIRST MONTH OF CALLING TO LANDLINE NUMBERS in that country for FREE!

Fédération Internationale de Football Association {French for International Federation of Association Football}) playing 30 nations which are included in free call offer (where the free call can be made) are:

USA, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Denmark, Netherlands, England, Germany, France, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand,

Offer is valid only for a month and you have to cancel it further if you do not want it to be continued after the one month free calling to landlines is over, and this could be availed till 11July 2010

Skype is a name anybody can trust on, its an E-Bay venture established by Estonians with the offices in Luxemburg etc, Skype has 550+ million subscribers all over the world,

FIFA and Free Calls to landlines using Skype for one month offer's T&C:

For free skype call offer: a fair usage policy applies, and this excludes service, special, premium and non-geographic numbers.

Terms and Conditions:

• Offer available for lowest priced subscriptions to landlines in countries with teams playing football in the World Cup tournament in South Africa between 11 June and 11 July 2010 (excluding North Korea and Ivory Coast),

• Offer limited to 1,000 subscriptions to each of Nigeria, Honduras, Ghana, Algeria, Paraguay and Cameroon, and 100,000 subscriptions in total. Only one free subscription per person,

• Subscriptions will be free for the first month. After this, your subscription will automatically continue and payments will be taken monthly unless you cancel,

• Offer expires on 11 July 2010,

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Skype Test Call is free and international for the First timers:

Everybody loves freebies and thus the new users (first timers) to Skype will love to try Skype VOIP call for free, Skype provides free trial call for maximum of five minutes to the new users who comes there for the very first time, you can choose the desired country where you wish to call from number of countries displayed here,
Though Skype calling is always free (video or audio): SKYPE TO SKYPE; anywhere to anywhere; anytime to anytime; any days and always : )
Remember to go unlimited with your data plans before going on unlimited free calling with Skype as it may sink good chunk of your data!
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Free worldwide WIFI Hotspots: Skype Accees is Free for FIFA grand Finale!

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