FaceTime Videophony: A Journey Morphed from Telephony into Videophony!

Modern telephony HAS GONE through the ages, where international smart mobile video calling or online video conferencing is rather a daily chore, a house hold affair or a routine!

Thanks to Skype, Fring and many more VOIP and other software makers for telephony,

The latest in videophone technology is FACETIME from Apple Inc., on its latest wonder iPhone 4 with iOS 4 operating system, the world is guessing that FACE-TIME will revolutionize the world of telephony, lets see,

PC World has a nice slideshow of visuals to visualize the journey of modern telephony, how it begun with Alexander Graham Bell's conversation till it morphed into Apple’s FACETIME video app!

This slide show covers all like: AT&T initiated an experiment with video telephone in early as 1927, Bell System Picturephone comes to arena, Jetsons' videophone , Videophone II, Digital picture phones - Mitsubishi's Visitel LU-500-01, AT&T VideoPhone, MCI Video phone, Connectix QuickCam, Panasonic prototype: the world's first cordless videophone, D-Link, DVC, HTC EVO 4G first 4G mobile in the world, Skype, Fring, VOIP, Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime...


History of iPhone

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