FaceTime - Test Free Video Calls: Call Apple 1-888-FACETIME: Live & Real

If you are 'lucky' enough to got your first Apple iPhone 4 and want to test its free anywhere video calling feature 'FACETIME' on WIFI and iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 but you have no way or buddy to make a call or rather eager and puzzled that to whom should you make your first video call with iPhone 4 FACETIME? As video calls could only be made in-between Apple's iPhone 4 and iPhone 4,

…Than here is a deal to test, dial toll free 1-888-FACETIME {188832238463} (available only from 8AM to 8PM CDT), and make a free video call to Apple Inc. employee, test the video call quality yourself for free with Apple iPhone 4 and learn the basics of FACETIME,

Have Fun, Cheers!!!

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