FaceTime: Free International Video Calls via Cell Phone

FaceTime: Make Unlimited Free International Video Call with iPhone 4 between US, UK, France, Germany, Japan (more nations will add to the list when iPhone 4 launches there)

Apple Inc., had launched its most ‘maniac’ wonder gadget till date, the iPhone 4 initially in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan, more countries will come soon,

The best feature I liked from iPhone 4 mobile is its live streaming video calling on go, that is too on a single tap of a button with crystal clear picture quality but only between a WIFI network and only between the iPhone 4s…its known as FACETIME,

Thus it makes a sense to make an unlimited live streaming and free international video calls on go between two Apple iPhone 4 within WIFI, so for the guys living in US, UK, FRANCE, GERMANY, JAPAN, here is your chance to make unlimited free international video calls in-between these countries if your contact in any of these nations has an iPhone 4 and you both can make a call within WIFI networks, no charges will apply for an unlimited apple video calling between all these nations,

…and as the list of iPhone 4 launched nations will grow one can make free video calling between iPhone 4 countries, no charges, courtesy Apple FACETIME technology which works on iOS 4 mobile operating system an open source technology which Skype the VOIP guys will too use in their upcoming VOIP call software for apple iPhone / iPod Touch!

Facetime will revolutionize the mobile video calling in coming time, as this is an open source technology thus many many VOIP companies like Skype will embrace this in coming times to make video calling more popular on cell phones and as Steve Jobs says in coming time Facetime live video chatting could also be done on a 3G cellular network (may be)…

(...but make it sure to check your WIFI data plan, is it unlimited or not?! as a video calling may take large bandwidth and you might have to pay for the data charges to your local carrier, so preferably an unlimited WIFI data plan holds good, or you may choose a free WIFI hotspot)


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