Cheap VOIP Call to South Africa for EUR 0.03 for FIFA

Vopium the free and cheap IM and voice VOIP calls provider is offering cheap calls to South Africa for EUR 0.03 (make call to S Africa mobile or landline) in wake of ongoing FIFA world cup football grand tournament 2010,

Vopium claims that they had lowered the the call charges by 75% to South Africa on the FIFA, mega event and it is valid from 11th June – 11th July, 2010,

Remember Vopium calling from cell phone; on WIFI TO WIFI and (VOPIUM TO VOPIUM, means Vopium VOIP software should be loaded on both end mobiles) is unlimitedly free to anywhere from anywhere, always, around the globe,

Vopium VOIP supports number of handsets and mobile OS Viz.: Symbian, Java, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Apple etc.,

… and most recently Vopium has upgraded their Web IM & VOIP calling service which permits free VOIP calls to Skype, Gtalk and Vopium users!

Try VOPIUM, they are giving away first free trial calls to South Africa for 15 minutes and also 15 SMS for free…


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