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Apple iPhone 4.0: Free Face Time International Video Calls, over WIFI, iPhone 4 to iPhone 4

Thanks to Apple Inc., CEO Steve Jobs, next gen Apple iPhone 4.0 is finally got surfaced after Gizmodo leak story, Vietnamese leakage etc stories and rumors,

Apple iPhone 4 is still 3G unlike Sprint Nextel HTC EVO 4G which is said to be the only and Very First 4G cellular handset of USA / the world,

Apple's Facetime, free WIFI video calling on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Facetime Video Calling

Have a look, comparison between iPhone 4 and Sprint HTC EVO 4G,

iPhone 4.0 (with OS = iOS 4) has two cameras, including one front cam for a live streaming international FREE HD video calls (video chat or video conferencing) over WIFI to WIFi, iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 in portrait and landscape modes (this free video calling will not consume the cellular minutes instead its over the web video calling using WIFI data network and in between ONLY iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 later it may come to other networks too, may be, when they will support video calling speed etc),

Apple's iPhone 4 also has gyroscope technology for future gaming, multi touch Retina display with fingerprint resistant oleo phobic coating, iBooks, voice control, LED flash and HD video recording, its said to be a thinnest smart cell phone,

Apple iPhone 4 to iPhone4 free unlimited video calls or FACETIME app could consume large bandwidth that is why this facility is only right now available on WIFI networks and not on any international cellular carrier or AT&T 3G cellular network (iPhone's exclusive US carrier) as 3G etc networks may feel uncomfortable to give large bandwidth on VIDEO CALLING due to pricing and speed etc: )