3G & Background Calling with Apple iOS 4’s Multi-Tasking Feature with Truphone v4.0 Apps

Truphone is a mobile VOIP apps provider, it has some nice products like international SIM card which they claims, cuts the hefty international roaming calls,

With the arrival of Apple's mobile software, iOS 4 and iPhone 4, the things are going fast, iOS 4 provides for multitasking on Apple gadgets like iPhone 4 means you can read your mail while listening to your Skype VOIP call running in the background : ) simply you can use different apps at the same time, like you open the multiple windows on your PC with windows based OS : )

With latest Truphone v4.0 app release, now one can do 3G calling, even when you are not in a WIFI zone,

You can also make background calls with this latest iPhone app, as this supports multi tasking, thanks to iOS 4 multi tasking feature,

Truphone Instant Messenger is an another and the latest thing coming with Truphone, first time, you can make a chat via IM with other Truphone users, Facebook, Skype, AIM, GoogleTalk and MSN – all in one place, no need to open up multiple IM applications!

These free Truphone apps form iPhone / iPod Touch are available to download for free in App Store / or iTunes,

Download Truphone for iPhone v4.0, click here

Download Truphone for iPod touch v4.0, click here

(If you already have either app, upgrade via the App Store and get these new features (but than you need the iOS 4 first)....

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