Make VOIP Call from Blocked VOIP Nations: UAE, Kuwait / Ooma & VOIP Apps for iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch

Ooma VOIP App for Apple devices:

Ooma home phone technology provides for free calling within the US and also the significant cheap international calls! Ooma now has an app in Apple iTunes store to be downloaded on iPad, iPhone 4 (iOs 4 tested), iPod Touch,

Ooma cell phone calling app connects you with internet, thus permits you to make cheap to free VOIP calls over 3G or WIFI, they say that their software compresses the actual audio of the voice call, thus reducing the amount of data used by approx. up to 60%,

Ooma Mobile app comes for USD 9.99, by using Ooma Mobile app, within US calls starts at 1.9 cents a minute and the low cost call as applicable for international calls,

PointsPhone Cell Phonee VOIP App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch:

PointsPhone is a free VOIP app, using this app one can make cheap or economical overseas calling from mobile (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad). Their web is: (this is rather a new VOIP company), just create an account to start making cheap VOIP calling with this app...

PointsPhone VOIP app provides for DID and virtual numbers, call forwarding, call back, SIP calling, it passes through VOIP blockades, it connects via WIFI, 3G, GPRS, EDGE, SMS, Voice mail

This VOIP claims that there VOIP blockade tunnel technology decreases the bandwidth usage, also this improves voice quality, where internet connectivity is weak,

THE BEST thing is this tunnel technology enables communication in every scenerio, i.e. this app is able to make and receive low cost VOIP calls from VOIP blocked nations like from UAE (Dubai, Gulf), Kuwait etc. as they claims...

Free PTT-Walkie Talkie on iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch

This free voice messenger permits to make instant talks with and also helps in locating friends and family, no account etc. ever needed, start this free walkie-talkie app, select any contact, than push the button and get start talking...voila!

Send or receive voice messages, better than text messaging (do preferably on an unlimited data plan), push notification alerts, use with 3G, WIFI or EDGE networks, it has nice audio quality; it could be addictive, so try and make cheers!!!

Win Nokia N97 Mini Handsets: Fring Facebook Contest

Fring Mobile VoIP
Fring for Mobile and Tablet VoIP

Fring the popular mobile VOIP app maker from Israel has hosted a contest in association with NOKIA for its Facebook fans for ongoing FIFA football tournament in South Africa, the prizes to be won are: 3 Nokia N97 Mini handsets,

If you have a passion for the three things viz.: Football, Your Mobile Phone and the Fring (VOIP app provider and mobile social networking) than enter the FIFA soccer: Fring football contest,

Just support & cheers your favourite football team-s and enter the Fring football contest to win one of the three Nokia N97 Mini Handsets giveaway sweepstake, (which will of-course be delivered to your door),

About the Fring: Fring the VOIP mobile apps maker from Israel enables pals to call for free, smart mobile free video call, live chat, experiences sharing, enhancing the social network communities: Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Skype, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM, Facebook etc...

Weirdest Cell Phones of the Past Decade

Mobile phones have changed drastically in the past ten years. Phones have been flooded with features that most of us never thought was possible.

Some of these "features" are still a little too strange for the general public.

The Mosquito Repellent Cell Phone

(image source)

Pantech's slider phone has all the usual functions and can also repel mosquitoes. It works as a sort of cell phone shield ( against mosquitoes by producing ultrasonic sounds. These sounds are obnoxious and this noisy phone could end up scaring away your friends as well.

The Biodegradable Phone

(image source)

Je-Hyun Kim designed the Natural Year Phone out of hay, grass and other eco-friendly materials. This phone automatically biodegrades after about two years, except for the screen and the soft keys. You can use the leftover pieces to create a new phone. It's a good idea and the phone looks cool, but its fragility makes it less than ideal.

The Cigarette Phone

(image source)

This phone comes from China. It looks like a real pack of cigarettes and even includes the warning labels. It doubles as a cigarette holder and can hold up to 10 cigarettes. It's a weird concept since cell phones already have their own hazards. This phone has its uses though. It comes equipped with a camera and no one would ever suspect that you were snapping pictures with your cigarette pack!

The Tiles Phone

(image source)

The Easy Tiles phone designed by Tzu-Fu Wang offers some extreme customization options. The entire exterior of the phone is made out of tiles that you assemble yourself. You can slide the tiles around and create a truly unique look. This mobile phone is definitely one way to stand out in the crowd.

The Coca-Cola Phone

(image source)

Chinese Developer Daizi Zheng has modified a Nokia phone to run on Coca-Cola and other sugary beverages. While no one was waiting for such an invention, it could be an eco-friendly alternative. The lithium-ion batteries that are used today in phones are not great for the environment. Zheng claims his phone runs four times as long as a battery-powered phone.

The Musical Instrument Phone

(image source)

Japanese carrier Japanese carrier KDDI and Yamaha have collaborated to create a phone that doubles as a musical instrument. Guitar, trumpet, piano and drums are all available. Musicians might enjoy being able to practice anywhere but it's unclear whether these phones are meant to really serve musicians or just be a novelty item.

Cell phone technology continues to progress. Developers are even working on a phone interface that would be tattooed to your arm and run on blood. Who knows what they will come up with next? ...

Nokia Jabs Apple iPhone 4: We are Nokia Hold us Any Way : )

Cell phone giants now seems to be at ‘crossroads’ with a silent ‘tug of war’ after their patent war,

Finland based mobile manufacturer and giant Nokia seems to jibes Apple in its latest blog’s post, Nokia describes how to hold the Nokia cell phones : )

Is this only a co-incidence that both of the cell phone manufacturers describing consumers how to hold a mobile? Or Nokia is just ‘enjoying’ the Apple’s signal loss issue?!

World is watching YOU BOTH!!!

Why Apple wants to ban Nokia?

Why Nokia still wants to ban Apple?

iPad, iPhone Mobile TV: Live, Stream India Channels on the Go

Yupptv provides streams of live Indian TV channels over PC, mobile phone, internet, TV and now they have a free app in Apple iTunes store to watch live stream (without buffering) of hundreds of Indian TV channels over the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on the go, anywhere in the world,

This app also can be shared with your phone book contacts,

Watching Mobile TV or TV on mobile like the video calling that’s too live and streaming is the next big thing which is spreading worldwide and will become major VAS (value added service) for the telecom operators worldwide and this will create big revenues for them, with nice services for the mobile consumers…

Twitter & Kindle on iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch

Twitter App:

Popular social networking site Twitter can be used and Tweets can be done, using Apple's iPad, iPhone, iPhone 4 (this app is tested for iOS 4.0 version which is the latest and newest OS for iPhone 4), iPod Touch with free app which is available to download free from Apple iTunes store,

Kindle App:

Kindle is the popular eBook reader handheld wireless device from Amazon, now Kindle's free app is available for free in Apple iTunes store and digital paperless eBooks can be read using Amazon's Kindle on Apple iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 4 (this latest app is also tested for iOS 4 which comes in iPhone 4 and is optimized for iPhone 4's latest Retina display technology...

Kindle's latest announcement for Apple iPad, iPhone-s, iPod Touch app is that now book readers can watch the embedded video & audio clips within Kindle books!

The very first books surfaced with this embedded video and audio technology are: Rick Steves' London and Together We Cannot Fail by Terry Golway, Lullaby Baby, Knitting for Dummies 2e etc, all of these books are available in the Kindle Store,


iPhone as UPC BarCode Mobile Scanner in Real Time

A wonderful and very useful app is waiting for you and is available for a free download on iPhone in Apple iTunes store; this is RedLaser by Occipital,

Using RedLaser app on your Apple iPhone your mobile can read the bar codes at the shopping stores and helps you thus in a product comparison shopping, you can choose right product and can save lots of money too,

RedLaser app for the Apple iPhone is a real-time mobile UPC barcode scanner, it do not require an autofocus, Red Laser app is open to developers to embed it into their own apps, the app is free to download from Apple store...

FaceTime: Free International Video Calls via Cell Phone

FaceTime: Make Unlimited Free International Video Call with iPhone 4 between US, UK, France, Germany, Japan (more nations will add to the list when iPhone 4 launches there)

Apple Inc., had launched its most ‘maniac’ wonder gadget till date, the iPhone 4 initially in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan, more countries will come soon,

The best feature I liked from iPhone 4 mobile is its live streaming video calling on go, that is too on a single tap of a button with crystal clear picture quality but only between a WIFI network and only between the iPhone 4s…its known as FACETIME,

Thus it makes a sense to make an unlimited live streaming and free international video calls on go between two Apple iPhone 4 within WIFI, so for the guys living in US, UK, FRANCE, GERMANY, JAPAN, here is your chance to make unlimited free international video calls in-between these countries if your contact in any of these nations has an iPhone 4 and you both can make a call within WIFI networks, no charges will apply for an unlimited apple video calling between all these nations,

…and as the list of iPhone 4 launched nations will grow one can make free video calling between iPhone 4 countries, no charges, courtesy Apple FACETIME technology which works on iOS 4 mobile operating system an open source technology which Skype the VOIP guys will too use in their upcoming VOIP call software for apple iPhone / iPod Touch!

Facetime will revolutionize the mobile video calling in coming time, as this is an open source technology thus many many VOIP companies like Skype will embrace this in coming times to make video calling more popular on cell phones and as Steve Jobs says in coming time Facetime live video chatting could also be done on a 3G cellular network (may be)…

(...but make it sure to check your WIFI data plan, is it unlimited or not?! as a video calling may take large bandwidth and you might have to pay for the data charges to your local carrier, so preferably an unlimited WIFI data plan holds good, or you may choose a free WIFI hotspot)


FaceTime - Test Free Video Calls: Call Apple 1-888-FACETIME: Live & Real

If you are 'lucky' enough to got your first Apple iPhone 4 and want to test its free anywhere video calling feature 'FACETIME' on WIFI and iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 but you have no way or buddy to make a call or rather eager and puzzled that to whom should you make your first video call with iPhone 4 FACETIME? As video calls could only be made in-between Apple's iPhone 4 and iPhone 4,

…Than here is a deal to test, dial toll free 1-888-FACETIME {188832238463} (available only from 8AM to 8PM CDT), and make a free video call to Apple Inc. employee, test the video call quality yourself for free with Apple iPhone 4 and learn the basics of FACETIME,

Have Fun, Cheers!!!

Free Video Call: Apple FaceTime v/s Fring, Which is good?

CNET had wonderfully reviewed the video call quality between Fring (Israel based mobile VOIP app provider and also the provider of mobile social networking app) & FACETIME (newly introduced video calling technology by Apple Inc., debuts for first time on Apple iPhone 4 with iOS 4 mobile operating system),

Fring provides free to low cost international mobile calls which includes video calls on mobile too, they are 100% free on WIFI or 3G network if they are FRING TO FRING or to Skype,

FACETIME is Apple’s latest and innovative mobile wireless video calling technology which currently is making this world maniac like any other apple device either it is first iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or now iPhone 4,

Face time supports an unlimited free international or local video calling at single tap but only WIFI to WIFI and that’s too only on iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, later it may be possible on 3G cellular networks like AT&T etc, time will tell...


Free International Call between Android to Android: Free App by Rebtel v. 1.1

Rebtel the reliable mobile to mobile international VOIP call provider has released an App for Android based mobile phones and devices to make free international mobile calls,

Try Rebtel here below for free,

The good thing is Rebtel office / Rebtel guys love to visit this Talkfree7 Blog like you : )

Using Rebtel's latest Android phone app v. 1.1 one can make free abroad calling: Android to Android, between 50+ nations (at the cost of your local call), and low cost calls to other countries or devices using its cheap international call rates, the assured thing is REBTEL IS RELIABLE, it’s a Sweden based VOIP (internet telephony) call provider using cell phone, no PC access ever needed,

Rebtel Android to Android seamless worldwide free calls can be made using a traditional 3G cellular network and no need of any WIFI hotspots or any broadband or PC, its purely mobile to mobile (or rather Rebtel works with any phone: landline, cell, feature phone or smart mobile phone),

Rebtel's Android mobile VOIP app works in background of the default dial pad,

You can download Rebtel’s Android app from Android marketplace for free...


3G & Background Calling with Apple iOS 4’s Multi-Tasking Feature with Truphone v4.0 Apps

Truphone is a mobile VOIP apps provider, it has some nice products like international SIM card which they claims, cuts the hefty international roaming calls,

With the arrival of Apple's mobile software, iOS 4 and iPhone 4, the things are going fast, iOS 4 provides for multitasking on Apple gadgets like iPhone 4 means you can read your mail while listening to your Skype VOIP call running in the background : ) simply you can use different apps at the same time, like you open the multiple windows on your PC with windows based OS : )

With latest Truphone v4.0 app release, now one can do 3G calling, even when you are not in a WIFI zone,

You can also make background calls with this latest iPhone app, as this supports multi tasking, thanks to iOS 4 multi tasking feature,

Truphone Instant Messenger is an another and the latest thing coming with Truphone, first time, you can make a chat via IM with other Truphone users, Facebook, Skype, AIM, GoogleTalk and MSN – all in one place, no need to open up multiple IM applications!

These free Truphone apps form iPhone / iPod Touch are available to download for free in App Store / or iTunes,

Download Truphone for iPhone v4.0, click here

Download Truphone for iPod touch v4.0, click here

(If you already have either app, upgrade via the App Store and get these new features (but than you need the iOS 4 first)....

Live Streaming TV on Apple iPad, iPhone

Now there exists many apps to watch a Live Streaming TV on Apple iPad, iPhone, like one is: EYE TV for Apple iPad, iPhone, you can watch Eye TV app on iPad, iPhone via a 3G cellular or WIFI connection, you can browse the comprehensive TV programme, guides,

What you need is a MAC computer (to view streaming live TV on iPhone / iPad you need an Intel Core 2 Duo processor atleast),

For viewing live TV over 3G connection EYE TV recommends ELGATO's turbo.264HD,

Via: SnapVoIP

Skype VOIP App for iPhone over iOS 4 is coming

Apple's revolutionary iPhone 4 (with FACETIME free video call) technology is about to launch in just 48 hours and its latest mobile OS - iOS 4 already is ready for a download, to upgrade old OS for iPhone, iPod Touch etc,

Skype labs is working on its new app for using Skype on iPhone having iOS 4 compatibility, and which could support the multitasking and VOIP in iOS 4,

...stay tuned for Skype's new iOS 4 compatible-multitasking app for Apple iPhone / iPod Touch, it’s on the way, it’s coming...


iOS 4 Arrives: For iPad iOS 4

Apple Inc. latest mobile OS the iOS 4 arrives today at summer solstice to upgrade the OS on existing iPhone and iPod Touch, its iPad version (iOS 3.2) will be not ready till September 2010,

Apple's new release iOS 4 seems to be revolutionizing the smart mobile world and people feels that Google's Android, Nokia's Symbian etc are at the stake,

With Facetime WIFI unlimited and free video calling (iPhone 4 to iPhone 4) is coming and iPhone 4 will have this very iOS 4, this Apple's OS is sure to be a big hit (a few of the features are exclusive and thus limited only to iPhone 4 - like FaceTime video calling),

Apple iOS 4 will have lots of new features including multitasking (like browsing net while talking on a SKYPE call), free WIFI worldwide video calling, and its competitors are preparing themselves now to remain in the business…


Windows Live Messenger free app for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch with NO iOS 4 features?!

Play Piano on iPad, iPhone Apps in iTunes Store

Playing Piano is not only a creative musical journey and hot pursuit, but it also soothes the brain functionality,

Apple iPad is a popular platform for various apps, and it holds an interesting and useful MUSIC app: Virtuoso Piano Free 2HD

You can play as well as learn to play the virtual piano on the digital screen of iPad tablet, iPhone and iPod Touch,

This Piano app is free, it has 6 octaves of sampled concert grand piano, the robust bass, warm middles - crisp highs, colored key labels, you can play virtual piano and slide the fingers to roll the keys

More apps are coming stay tuned to this blog, Take care.

Play Solitaire on Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch: Apps in iTunes Store

The game of cards: the Solitaire and Spider Solitaire comes by default on Windows OS, but you can also play this card game on your apple iPad tablet PC device,

Solitaire City Lite:

This is a FREE app in iTunes to play the Solitaire on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Solitaire is a popular game of cards which is generally played by every guy worldwide as it comes by default with Windows, play it free on iPad, and also listen to iTunes music while playing the game,

The Solitaire:

Another free game app for Apple iPad, feel and touch your digital cards and enjoy your Solitaire moves,

Mondo Solitaire App for iPad:

This is a USD 9.99 app for playing the Solitaire cards game on Apple iPad

Slate Soiltaire:

Available in apple iTunes store for USD 1.99, specifically made for iPad gaming...