Y!Phone = Yahoo + Nokia = Project Nike is Coming

Now a Y!Phone is coming, YAHOO (YHOO) and NOKIA {NOK} (joint venture known as PROJECT NIKE = Greek Goddess of victory) will jointly announce this on Monday May 24th, 2010 in New York, the USA!

We are living in an era of acquisitions and joint ventures, so this is not a new thing when two giants 'marry' each other sometimes may be to shun others and sometimes to gift something innovative to the tech freaks : )

In the telephony segment, 'the war' between big guns or the brands seems to get intensified now, and everybody seems to be within the race!

Its the beginning of the evolution of wireless communication and technology where survival is for the fittest only : )

Recently Google announced its updated OS the Android 2.2 or we know it as a name Froyo (frozen yogurt) so tech pundits predicts that may be the web portal Yahoo and Finnish (Keilaniemi, Espoo based) mobile Boss the Nokia joined their hands for creating something like smart wireless technology with a smart cell phone to show their presence in web & mobile telephony, … may be Yahoo embed its functionalities in Nokia handsets to make them more smarter and web-centric?

FYI: Yahoo already had a deal with Samsung mobile which permits Samsung to embed Yahoo's mobile thingies on its Android / Bada smart mobiles,

Just wait and watch fingers are crossed…



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