VoxBone iNumbers are now Single Click- They ‘Map’ Local Calls, with help of Rebtel app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Make international VOIP calls at the cost of a local call with the help of Rebtel's iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch App,

Brussels based the Voxbone is a name for VOIP or simply Voice over IP carrier which provides for the virtual phone numbers or as we know the,: the DID (direct inward dialling) numbers, with the help of Voxbone numbers the users or / and companies receives the phone calls using SIP functionality; Voxbone expertise in local phone numbers and toll free numbers,

Now we have a Rebtel app for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch using Voxbone iNumbers it simply permits us to make a call by just clicking on this app (icon), this iPhone app allows single click dialling to the Voxbone's iNum numbers and users can thus generate a local phone number (which map to an iNumber for a contact in the phone book / address book) to be used for an international calling,

Rebtel.com is a cheap international call provider using the mobile phones with no PC required and no broadband ever needed,

iNum is a unique kind of the geographically independent and globally accepted phone number on this earth which support voice calls and many more to come,

iNum are one number-whole of earth-for the lifetime, they are global in very nature thus are not linked to any particular location or region, +883 Area earth code is being allocated by the ITU (international telecom union), and iNums are distributed for free to the various VOIP service providers,

So basically user is the winner here as he has to tap on his 'contact icon' on his handset, than he can call the contacts from 50+ countries, just for the price of a local call, it’s a mobile VOIP wonder!

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