Vonage on Go for iPhone App: Make Free Abroad Calls on Go from iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

How to use Vonage World Plan on Go, using Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and make free abroad calls:

When you hold a Vonage World Plan at your home, also you have a Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and suppose you are on the go, than nothing but to spend money on hefty abroad calls by using calling cards, Skype to Go, VOIP etc?

No! you still can use your Vonage World Plan on go via iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and call the world for free,

VonGo (Vonage on the Go) is an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app in iTunes app store by Aphelion technologies, this app can be downloaded for 99 cents (one time cost, no recurring charges), and it promises FREE CALLING on go by Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch just using your existing Vonage World Plan,

This works on WIFI and cellular networks, so by downloading VonGo (Vonage on Go) on your Apple iPhone / iPad, iPod Touch you can always call the world by your Apple igadgets for free using your existing Vonage World Plan, its the matter of comfort, wireless and ease of access...

1. Using VonGo app, just make a click on any international number you wish to call,

2. VonGo than configures a call forwarding on your Vonage account,

3. You than call your Vonage number > this call will be than forwarded to the international number you wished to call,

4. Than you end the call and VonGo resets the call forward on your Vonage account,

VonGo iphone app is customised and integrated with your iPhone Address book, just opt any number from the address book and make a call,

... also you may like to use and add your frequently used numbers into VonGo favorites, so go always on go and make free abroad call using iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with Vonage world plan….

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