Skype VOIP Video Call for Android Mobiles and Devices

As we know currently the Skype VOIP calls (in the USA), at Android (only on 3G network) and BlackBerry based devices and mobiles are handled only by Verizon Wireless,

But things will never be the same in the coming times when Skype VOIP free and cheap unlimited VIDEO calling would be available to ALL the Android OS based mobiles and handheld gadgets, regardless of the carriers or the country!

Skype announced that, "it intends to "set the bar" for mobile to mobile video calls"…..

So would it mean that Skype VOIP calls will be available on latest mobile, Sprints' HTC's EVO 4G handsets soon? Keep the fingers crossed : )

Rather, I would say yes it is coming, Skype's standard app for Android based mobile video calling is coming for all and we can say Skype is really very serious now on mobile video calling to its global clients and is poised to enhance this streaming innovative LIVE Video calling tech, irrespective of a carrier or a country,

In a statement, Brianna Reynaud, the Skype PR says, that Skype is betting something big on the global live streaming video calling, and Skype also intends to set the bar on mobile video calling, thus it will hit you later this 2010, there will be a direct to consumer app to the Android marketplace this year which would be made available to all the Skype consumers anywhere in the world, regardless of the telecom operator or carrier, it would be distributed just similar to the Skype's Apple iPhone app everywhere from the net,

So clearly Skype the VOIP brand of Ebay is all set to launch its direct-to-consumer VOIP app into the Android marketplace later in 2010.

This Skype Android VOIP call app would be made available to global consumers and regardless of any carriers like Verizon or so,

As Skype seems to be quiet serious with its LIVE MOBILE VIDEO CALLING to its global clientele and it seems Skype is trying to untied the any or all the attached strings to become a truly wireless VOIP on-go regardless of any carriers,

…But Skype do need to consider the availability of the 3G cellular networks in association of WIFI hotspots too as we all always do not have a WIFI and we also do not have all the times a MIFI or so to route the mobile cellular signals into a WIFI personal hotspots,

Remember right now using the Fring mobile VOIP app we can though make a unlimited Free international two way Video call over 3G or WIFI (Fring to Fring or Skype) over the Android phones and also on Apple iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch etc...

So just wait for VOIP Skype's official direct to consumer app for Google's Android OS based devices and than make a free Skype to Skype VIDEO call on the go,

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