Skype 2.0 VOIP over AT&T 3G for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Released, Pay to use it from Sep. 2010

Skype version 2.0 VOIP app for making voice calls over AT&T 3G cellular networks (forget WIFI) on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch finally got released in Apple iTunes store, but it is free only till August 2010; September 2010 on wards you have to pay some monthly fee to use it over 3G cellular networks, besides the regular data fee to your telco,

Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Skype-to-Skype free international calls over 3G cellular networks thus will be free up to the end of Aug 2010, after that a monthly fee will be introduced to use this Skype 3G app + the regular data charges to your carrier will still hold and apply : ), thanks all for the 'FREE' Skype calls over iPhone 3G which will be actually for a 'FEE'... anyways : (

Experience the crystal clear Silk codec CD quality Skype voice calling now on iPhone and AT&T 3G cellular network...


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