New York has now Free AT&T WIFI Public Hotzone Access

AT&T reports that New York AT&T customers can enjoy now free public Wi-Fi hot spots and it would according to them help in easing the "increasing congestion" on their 3G cellular wireless network, that’s why AT&T launched the free public WIFI hotspot for the public, in New York's Times Square (Manhattan area),

In this free public WIFI hotspot access programme, a New Yorker can connect with Free WIFI access to AT&T wireless & broadband services, they can access free WIFI on the netbooks, laptops, cellular phones, and such WIFI enabled devices,

… hey no MIFI (MIFI converts cellular signals into the WIFI signals, its a wireless router which creates a mobile WIFI personal hotspot) is needed there now, great savings, and ease of access when you are in the New York with AT&T!

Note: The free and public WIFI AT&T network is to be set up at north side of Times Square on Seventh Avenue between 45th and 47th Streets,

If all goes well these type of FREE WIFI projects soon will hit many cities of USA, AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph Company) thinks that this free WIFI move will help the data to make it out of congestion and call drop etc will come to a halt,

This free WIFI public access hotspots will help people a lot who love VOIP free internet calling, now you can access net book, mobile or PC to PC unlimited Skype free world or local calling or Fring free calling from smart cell phones etc, Tweet on the go, do Google, make a free video call on iPhone with Fring VOIP mobile app, or access email on a Blackberry all is free and on the go in the free WIFI zone,

There are numerous uses of WIFI and when its come for free we are in full control of our digital life which now on a daily basis, overrides the real life : (

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