Live HD Chat: Wave 4 MS Windows Live Messenger

The Windows Live Wave 4 Messenger launch (announced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer) will be the Windows one of the best and an advanced featured chat messengers in the virtual world, Wave 4 beta will start this June 21st, 2010,

Microsoft's Windows Live (Hotmail) Wave 4 Messenger will have many innovative features including like Yahoo's messenger, Google Talk etc,

Microsoft's Windows Live Wave 4 messenger will have the HD (high definition) video chats, like Skype VOIP, so just make ready your HD cam, headset and broadband etc to enjoy the fun,

MS Windows Live Wave 4 Messenger will boast the multi tabbed browsing / open the multiple chat windows in single session, so make multiple HD voice chat at a time, really the best multitasking element of the MS windows,

This also will have the ability to fetch / embed the YouTube generated videos which could be played on the very Wave 4 Messenger home screen and you have not to launch a new browser window to watch these videos,

MS Wave 4 messenger could enable you to real time sharing of pictures, (as till date the messengers send pictures one by one only and thus while guys talks with each other, nobody knows which pic, the other is talking about?! with Wave 4 this annoying situation comes to the halt, so if you are posting a certain pic, than the same ONLY pic will surface on other's window, making it more clear and so one obviously knows about what the other guy is chatting about?!

MS windows Wave 4 messenger will also have a social networking dashboard : Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. this social networking feature permits to connect with the social media accounts of the Windows Live contacts : ) like if you posted a comment on face book while the Wave 4 chat, the comment also will got actually published to the Face book than : )

One another Wave 4 feature is that when your pals are offline, you may certainly leave a HD / video message for them like a voicemail : )

Of course it will have the integration of Bing search results, it also will have the invisibility feature, so you may make a HD chat live to your sweet GAL friend and can avoid your wife at the same time, LOL : )


Live Wave 4 needs the Windows 7 or Vista, but not will run on Windows XP OS,

Mobile version of Live Messenger will be out there for Windows Phone 7, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, (but no Windows Mobile)...

Surf on cloud nine with Wave 4... Its coming...


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