Fring Mobile VOIP App for iPad-Apple

Fring the popular mobile VOIP app is now available for the Apple iPad,

Fring is an Israel based company which specializes in mobile VOIP app and Fring is a name in mobile social networking app & tools,

Anybody can make a free international call using Fring to Fring (over a WIFI or a 3G cellular network), also the Fring supports Free Skype international VOIP calls via mobile phones,

Fring mobile VOIP app is available for Symbian, Windows, iPhone, Android etc mobile platforms and an unlimited free international Fring to Fring VIDEO calling could be done on Apple iPod Touch and iPhone too,

Fring Lab is working on its next VOIP calling app to make two way video calls using Apple iPhone, yes I am serious while saying this, stay tuned and share, tweet, email, blog, make a forum discussions, face book, subscribe to this blog for a breaking news on this here, any day now,

As Apple iPad is becoming very popular in the US of A, and also now going international, downloading the Fring mobile VOIP call app on it will ensure people to make unlimited free international call,

So just go to the App store, download Fring and enjoy free chatting and VIDEO calling from Apple iPad (iPad lacks a cam, but you can always make one-way video calling on iPad, means that you can receive / see your partner on the other side of the call...but I have no solution like the FRING makers itself, if both of you are on an iPad tablet PC at the both ends of the call, than no video calling pleazzzze...), this is all about iFring : )

YouTube video: Fring on Apple iPad

Fring visually impaired version:


Unknown said...

It's exciting to see innovation leveraging the 3G functionality! There is a good walk through showing how to configure your iPad for free out going and incoming VoIP and land line calls. very cool!

I think the future is bright for iPad VoIP

Hannah said...

I am now a days glued to Freephoo, a voip app available at It has made it so easy for me to be in touch with my friends and family even when i am on the move. Having free calls between freephoo users makes it that much more light on the pocket.

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