Google Goggles v1.1 for Android 1.6+ :Visual Search App.

No! You read it correct, it’s the very GOOGLE GOGGLEs, it’s not the tongue twister or jugglery of the words, its a newly introduced an interesting feature (visual search app) from the search giant GOOGLE LABS which make possible the visual translation of this real world pictures,

The subject looks a bit complicated or strange, how the real world visuals / pictures could be deciphered or translated into the words?

Watch YouTube Video for Google Goggles,

But when it’s Google it means anything could be done, Google has now perhaps developed an artificial intelligence and its beating its creators, the 'humans' now,

Google Goggles is a visual translation tool, its available in Android Market and available on the cam phones that run Android 1.6+ (Android is an OS powered by Google for cell phones devices etc),

How Google Goggles works:

Point your Android phone or device at any word / phrase > use the 'region of interest' button > draw a box around such specific words > Press shutter button and shoot it,

• If / when Goggles recognizes that text, it suggests its option for a translation > hit the translate button > select the source & destination languages,

What you need to use Google Goggle Translation Tool:

• You need an Android phone / device which is Android 1.6 or above > QVGA screen > cam. with auto focus

Google Goggles basically is a visual search app from Google Labs for Android OS powered phones or devices, it do not use words for searching, it has a deciphering technology which uses the image recognition, where you take a picture of any object with Android based camera phone, Goggles try to understand the said object in its database, than Google Goggles suggests and returns with the best and most relevant search results,

Google Goggle also understands the bar codes, QR codes and also understands the many of the world famous places, artworks etc,

The best thing of Google Goggles is that it has the power to give you info of the businesses nearby to you by displaying their names or so directly in your camera preview,

Google Goggles v1.1 has the ability to read English, French, Italian, German, Spanish till date and can translate to much more languages, Non Latin languages like Chinese, Hindi, Arabic may too soon surface here! Its a equally good tool for nomads and travelers too on this Lonely Planet : )


Search giant Google recently had acquired the UK based visual search engine, PLINK, Plink is the very base & foundation for the Google Goggle visual search engine technology, this visual search engine tech uses the global positioning system (GPS) and the compass data to track and search the object etc,
iPhone, Symbian, Windows cell phone owners, I am sorry this Goggles only runs with Google's own Android devices so better luck next time!


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