Free SvSIP-VOIP-WIFI Call at Nintendo-DS Console

We know that we can make free worldwide Skype to Skype VOIP call using Sony PSP gaming handheld console,

But how to make free VOIP call using Nintendo DS (Nintendo too is a Japanese gaming handheld console company with its US office in Redmond), is this possible?

Yes this is possible, while Googling the net we found some useful tips which would be shared with all,

SvSIP / PJSIP: a piece of software which has the power to convert the Nintendo-DS into a phone instrument, SvSIP uses the SIP protocol technology which is used as the signalling protocol for VoIP,

Nintendo DS with a SIP provider, permits to make the voice phone call to anybody using the Nintendo DS in WIFI zones,

You may also learn to know that SvSIP allows to make a call to number with figures, SvSIP also permits to receive the calls, and it permits to question IVR by using DTMF tones etc,

SvSIP / PJSIP uses the Nintendo DS functionalities to make a WIFI-VOIP voice call using its built-in microphone, sound and WiFi,

It may look a bit complicated to a non techie but after a little study and patience anybody can make a FREE VOIP call using his Nintendo DS game console…

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