Free iPad VOIP Phone Call to USA from Anywhere in the World

Apple's iPad is many times said to be a bigger version of iPhone, but to me it lacks charm when we hold it without a Cam or no Flash functionality…may be Steve Jobs has the reasons, this is his job, than why should I worry : (

Well, but when we talks of VOIP calling or free international calls using an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and Windows PC , we have many choices right now,

… Skype's official VOIP app for Apple iPad is not ready as of yet, though Fring, Vopium, Truphone and many other companies have produced their app for free VOIP call over iPad etc.,

There is now a Skype 3G (AT&T) calling app available on Apple iTune store, thank God, though its not the iPad specific but it may work a while on iPad over 3G for Skype free calling or cheap international calling using bluetooth,

Anyways, do you ever heard of WhistlePhone app (by Vail Systems Inc.) for iPad for making FREE USA CALL (United States of America, excluding Hawaii and Alaska) from anywhere, no, but I know it exists : )

Whistle phone free app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and Windows PC etc also works to make free long distance or local calls within the USA itself,

Whistle phone free call to USA app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and Windows PC is available on Apple iTunes store and one can download it and start making free phone calls to USA anytime, any day from anywhere, it works on all: wired, WIFI and 3G cellular networks, just download and give it a shot,

Download WhistlePhone app here for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch,

You also can make low cost or cheap overseas calls with this app but USA calling is free, also the Whistle Phone can be configured with any SIP service, to make free US calls or cheap worldwide calls,

Follow Me feature on Whistle Phone:

Whistle phone has a one god feature in particular that something like Google Voice, with Whistle Follow Me, one can bundle all of your phone numbers to your single and unique Whistle number and than you will never miss a phone call again, Follow Me on whistle phone add or tie your Whistle phone number to your existing cell phone / office phone / home phone etc, and it automatically calls up to FIVE phone numbers, if or when your Whistle phone is not available to your caller,

And finally if your call is being still unanswered on any of your Follow Me numbers, than the call still will automatically ring to your voicemail on the very last number in your WhistlePhone Follow Me list,

Whistle calls are free to USA as this is supported by a short audio advertisement / display ad in the beginning of the call, which appears on iPad etc

Apple's Bonjour Instant networking technology:

WhistlePhone also uses Apple's Bonjour Instant Networking technology to automatically discover / search and call Whistle users who are present there on your WiFi network, if you find any other WhistlePhone user with Bonjour on your network, and you want to call them, just click his name and you will get connected for free for a voice call session,

It also can create a 3 way call conferencing just at call of a button,

This VOIP free calling app could be useful and good for students or budget travellers who wish to talk more and pay less or free with a demand of good voice quality and need calling from mobile on go : )

We all love freebies and free VOIP calling from iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and Windows PC, call the USA free and be happy…


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