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Just register free with Operator One and make free & smart trial international calls worth one Euro, no fine prints,

Operator is a Luxemburg based cheap phone calls provider to the world, they have a technology (like perhaps) that one can make ultra low cost phone calls using ANY (and not the only smart phones) cell phone, around the world, thus could save a significant 98% money in hefty international calling using Operator One,

Nothing to download, no VOIP, SIP settings, PC or broadband ever needed, just your ANY ordinary cell phone (mobile) with your existing SIM and you are fine to go : )

Operator one claims that their overseas calling is even cheaper than SKYPE the VOIP giant, as their international calls starts only from GBP 0.02 per minutes onwards,

Operator One says that after doing a free registration (which is very quick) they will give away 1 euro free bonus to anyone to make use for your first call as a trial call so you don’t have to spend even a penny to test the honest, genuinely or the international call quality from your mobile phone,

Further, after the free trial call, if you like Operator One pricing and call quality with ease of access, you can add your international contacts with their phone numbers, and than Operator one will provide you a new local number for each of your international contact,

...Thus your each and every call will be a local phone call to make you enabled to talk more and more every time, but you also have to pay the local call charges to your service provider like always apart from low cost international calling rates to Operator One, and all this just from your cell phone, forget PC to PC calling or such, this is best and easy part for a layman,

Yeah if you add some balance or credit to your account Operator One gives you free / additional amount as a bonus, time to time as their promo schemes,

Operator One low cost mobile phone call provider is a network independent international operator,

They are modern in communication tech but still they have an easy to use communication services, their service Operator One Connect, make us enable to make mobile phone calls to our international contacts and friends on a local phone number, from ANY phone, and thus making all international calls as the local calls,

... yeah we always can keep our existing or current mobile phone, operator and subscription etc with us, nothing has to be changed or give up,

They also provide for a dedicated local number (DID numbers) in many cities / countries of the world which starts only from few Euros a month like €3 or so,

Countries from where the Cheap International Calls are permitted with Operator One:

You can call to the world using Operator One mobile cheap call services but calls can only be initiated / made from a few European, American, Australian nations which also includes, the Japan, and Israel etc,

Argentine, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungry, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States

FYI: For the EuroBonus members: They can earn EuroBonus extra points if you are calling with Operator One as they say that they are the first EuroBonus partner who specializes in international phone calls,

Free Promo for May 2010:

Add 10 EUR or more to your Operator One account and they will give you 5 EUR extra – for free! (This offer is valid once per customer and only during May 2010),

To receive 5 EUR extra, you should have an Operator One account > then sign in to it and go to the Payments page > Add 10 EUR or more to your account using your credit card or PayPal > Your spring time bonus will be added automatically….

Sign up for free and get free trial international calls worth one Euro (no obligation).

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International Phone Call said...

Nice post to make call internationally at free of cost from your mobile phone. But this types of service provider gives some trial version or don't give full access for calling. There are many service provider giving services of international calling at very low and affordable price with full access.

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