Free Google Voice Invite for Students

Google Voice provides free telephone calls in USA, and free calls from US to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska etc, obviously its a Google enterprise,

Google Voice was previously known as GRAND CENTRAL and has merged the GIZMO5 service with itself,

Google Voice is NOT a VOIP service like Skype etc, instead its a free telephony and texting service of Google (in USA) which, has the power to ring many phones, simultaneously (One number: i.e. a single phone # which rings all of your phones)

Google Voice also provides for the cheap or low cost overseas and unlimited calling,

Google Voice is available only through an invitation and many times this invite is hard to get with,

But Google Voice just announced on its official blog that it has open the invitations for the college and university students community : ) Cheers!!!

GV believes that free invite to the college students will benefit most of them as they always need to make free calls and free SMS / text messages while in college campus etc, also the student community will love to get their voice mail messages sent to their email id, students will love to read voice mail transcripts instead to listening to messages (while in the class room),

Students can apply for a free Google Voice invite here, you have to submit your email address which ends with .edu thats it,

The Google Voice invite will hit your inbox within 24 hours, not a bad deal, somebody could be jealous of you, the students community : )

Free phone calls / text messages within USA and from USA to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska etc is really cool for the students of America!

So enjoy free calls / txting and save money could be used for a free party or a movie : )

Yeah, one thing you will get a new free phone number for life from GV or may be if you like you may retain your existing phone number to configure free GV calls...


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