Blackberry GPS Mapping: Find Lost, Stolen, Misplaced BlackBerry

Next time when your Blackberry is misplaced, stolen or get lost, than never think that how to map (track / trace) and recover the lost, stolen or misplaced Blackberry with the help of GPS, SMS, Email?

BerrySnooper auto theft detection app / software depicts themselves as an insurance policy for your lost RIM's Blackberry mobile hand held device, this app will trace your lost stolen or misplaced Blackberry cellular using the technology of GPS, email and texting / SMS for just USD 9.99 only : )

How this snooping technology works:

When the Blackberry is lost just hold your breath, you can still track the lost, misplaced or stolen Blackberry just by sending it an SMS or a mail > it immediately responds with a map which will reveal you about the location of lost Blackberry cell phone using the GPS (global positioning system) technology, this app will then connect to Goog, with the help of BerrySnooper website anybody can track or trace the lost blackberry for a small one time payment,

If somebody changes the SIM card of blackberry than Berry snooper app will alert you about this and map the location,

Currently Berry Snooper software works only with these Blackberry devices:

BlackBerry Storm
• BlackBerry Bold
• BlackBerry Curve
• BlackBerry Pearl
• BlackBerry Pearl Flip
• BlackBerry Tour

Watch and learn more by YouTube video about Berry Snooper Blackberry tracking software,


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