Convert WIFI-iPad into 4G: Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot Provides 10 Times Faster Speed than 3G

Sprint Overdrive(TM) 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot Technology:

The Sprint Overdrive(TM) 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot technology in USA is now empowering the Wi-Fi enabled gadgets including WI-FI Apple iPad and many more electronic devices like Zune HD, Apple iPod Touch etc to achieve a thrilling 4G speed, (4G is fourth generation of cellular wireless standards, the pre-4G technologies like mobile WiMAX and the first-release 3GPP Long term evolution (LTE) too are still available in the telecom and wireless market),

In fact the Sprint Overdrive(TM) 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot technology can turn your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with Skype VOIP app into a high speed data voice phone and can make it a free Skype to Skype call anywhere for free, or make a Free video call with Fring to your near and dear ones, when the data speed is thrilling the video & voice quality experience too is : )

Sprint (NYSE:S) is the sole US national telco (wireless carrier) which has the empowerment to fill 4G jumbo speed to the WIFI gadgets like Apple iPad or so, this super speed helps fast download, stream voice, video, data and all at the lightning speed you will experience for the first time on you gadgets like iPad, Zune, iPod etc,

Wireless wonder: Sprint Nextel-HTC EVO4G (a rumour, having Android OS 2.1 or Android 2.2 (Frayo)) is surfacing June 4th, 2010, which is said to be the world's first 4G cell phone, and with Sprint's super turbo 4G speed it could be a living wonder of our times,

VOIP and its apps like Fring, Skype etc VOIP calling on Sprint-HTC EVGO4G will be fun with high data speed at 4G and voice video quality would be mind blowing,

Sprint Overdrive(TM) 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot technology is fast no doubt and the another good thing is that it also have the power to connect up to five WiFi enabled gadgets like a Netbook, a gaming handheld console like Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and /or a digital camera or conceder etc,

Experience the 4G wireless thrill with Sprint Overdrive(TM) 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot technology and live a ten times more speed than that of existing 3G! That’s why we say this as an evolution of technology…’Technology Evolves’, always!

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Free iPad VOIP Phone Call to USA from Anywhere in the World

Apple's iPad is many times said to be a bigger version of iPhone, but to me it lacks charm when we hold it without a Cam or no Flash functionality…may be Steve Jobs has the reasons, this is his job, than why should I worry : (

Well, but when we talks of VOIP calling or free international calls using an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and Windows PC , we have many choices right now,

… Skype's official VOIP app for Apple iPad is not ready as of yet, though Fring, Vopium, Truphone and many other companies have produced their app for free VOIP call over iPad etc.,

There is now a Skype 3G (AT&T) calling app available on Apple iTune store, thank God, though its not the iPad specific but it may work a while on iPad over 3G for Skype free calling or cheap international calling using bluetooth,

Anyways, do you ever heard of WhistlePhone app (by Vail Systems Inc.) for iPad for making FREE USA CALL (United States of America, excluding Hawaii and Alaska) from anywhere, no, but I know it exists : )

Whistle phone free app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and Windows PC etc also works to make free long distance or local calls within the USA itself,

Whistle phone free call to USA app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and Windows PC is available on Apple iTunes store and one can download it and start making free phone calls to USA anytime, any day from anywhere, it works on all: wired, WIFI and 3G cellular networks, just download and give it a shot,

Download WhistlePhone app here for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch,

You also can make low cost or cheap overseas calls with this app but USA calling is free, also the Whistle Phone can be configured with any SIP service, to make free US calls or cheap worldwide calls,

Follow Me feature on Whistle Phone:

Whistle phone has a one god feature in particular that something like Google Voice, with Whistle Follow Me, one can bundle all of your phone numbers to your single and unique Whistle number and than you will never miss a phone call again, Follow Me on whistle phone add or tie your Whistle phone number to your existing cell phone / office phone / home phone etc, and it automatically calls up to FIVE phone numbers, if or when your Whistle phone is not available to your caller,

And finally if your call is being still unanswered on any of your Follow Me numbers, than the call still will automatically ring to your voicemail on the very last number in your WhistlePhone Follow Me list,

Whistle calls are free to USA as this is supported by a short audio advertisement / display ad in the beginning of the call, which appears on iPad etc

Apple's Bonjour Instant networking technology:

WhistlePhone also uses Apple's Bonjour Instant Networking technology to automatically discover / search and call Whistle users who are present there on your WiFi network, if you find any other WhistlePhone user with Bonjour on your network, and you want to call them, just click his name and you will get connected for free for a voice call session,

It also can create a 3 way call conferencing just at call of a button,

This VOIP free calling app could be useful and good for students or budget travellers who wish to talk more and pay less or free with a demand of good voice quality and need calling from mobile on go : )

We all love freebies and free VOIP calling from iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and Windows PC, call the USA free and be happy…


Skype 2.0 VOIP over AT&T 3G for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Released, Pay to use it from Sep. 2010

Skype version 2.0 VOIP app for making voice calls over AT&T 3G cellular networks (forget WIFI) on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch finally got released in Apple iTunes store, but it is free only till August 2010; September 2010 on wards you have to pay some monthly fee to use it over 3G cellular networks, besides the regular data fee to your telco,

Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Skype-to-Skype free international calls over 3G cellular networks thus will be free up to the end of Aug 2010, after that a monthly fee will be introduced to use this Skype 3G app + the regular data charges to your carrier will still hold and apply : ), thanks all for the 'FREE' Skype calls over iPhone 3G which will be actually for a 'FEE'... anyways : (

Experience the crystal clear Silk codec CD quality Skype voice calling now on iPhone and AT&T 3G cellular network...


Sprint HTC EVO4G: Free Video Calls from Skype, Fring on this Android 2.1 OS Mobile

Experience THE THRILL with Skype, Fring on Android HTC EVO4G mobile, FREE VOIP live streaming Video calling at 4G / WiMax at go:

Sprint’s-HTC’s Evo 4G/WIMAX mobile’s wireless technology is the latest and it is said to be the world’s first generation 4G Android mobile handset, EVO 4G will be launched on the 4th June, 2010 only on the USA carrier Sprint for the first time in the USA,

HTC’s EVO 4G with Android 2.1 OS measures 2.6 inch wide x 4.8 inch long x half inch thick, display is 4.3 inch, 480 x 800 pixels, touch enabled, 8 Megapixel cam + forward-facing 1.3 megapixel camera, HD Video capture, 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 4G mobile hotspot technology (New Filter Technology by TriQuint for 4G / WIMax Mobile Hotspots and Smartphone’s),

Well as Fring the mobile VOIP app maker from Israel announced that 2 way unlimited video calls can be made over Android based mobiles using mobile Internet (3G / WIFI) so with latest Sprint-HTC EVO4G now its possible to make unlimited free two way live streaming video international calls to anywhere either Fring to Fring or to Skype for free,

Also Skype the VOIP king announced that its mobile video call for Android based mobile and devices is coming later in 2010 (regardless of carriers or the country), so once again you can make free worldwide Skype to Skype call using HTC EVO4G,

If you do not mind to spend a few dimes than may be you can opt for a paid video calls over HTC EVO 4G using QIK,

Useful links:

Skype VOIP Video Call for Android Mobiles and Devices

As we know currently the Skype VOIP calls (in the USA), at Android (only on 3G network) and BlackBerry based devices and mobiles are handled only by Verizon Wireless,

But things will never be the same in the coming times when Skype VOIP free and cheap unlimited VIDEO calling would be available to ALL the Android OS based mobiles and handheld gadgets, regardless of the carriers or the country!

Skype announced that, "it intends to "set the bar" for mobile to mobile video calls"…..

So would it mean that Skype VOIP calls will be available on latest mobile, Sprints' HTC's EVO 4G handsets soon? Keep the fingers crossed : )

Rather, I would say yes it is coming, Skype's standard app for Android based mobile video calling is coming for all and we can say Skype is really very serious now on mobile video calling to its global clients and is poised to enhance this streaming innovative LIVE Video calling tech, irrespective of a carrier or a country,

In a statement, Brianna Reynaud, the Skype PR says, that Skype is betting something big on the global live streaming video calling, and Skype also intends to set the bar on mobile video calling, thus it will hit you later this 2010, there will be a direct to consumer app to the Android marketplace this year which would be made available to all the Skype consumers anywhere in the world, regardless of the telecom operator or carrier, it would be distributed just similar to the Skype's Apple iPhone app everywhere from the net,

So clearly Skype the VOIP brand of Ebay is all set to launch its direct-to-consumer VOIP app into the Android marketplace later in 2010.

This Skype Android VOIP call app would be made available to global consumers and regardless of any carriers like Verizon or so,

As Skype seems to be quiet serious with its LIVE MOBILE VIDEO CALLING to its global clientele and it seems Skype is trying to untied the any or all the attached strings to become a truly wireless VOIP on-go regardless of any carriers,

…But Skype do need to consider the availability of the 3G cellular networks in association of WIFI hotspots too as we all always do not have a WIFI and we also do not have all the times a MIFI or so to route the mobile cellular signals into a WIFI personal hotspots,

Remember right now using the Fring mobile VOIP app we can though make a unlimited Free international two way Video call over 3G or WIFI (Fring to Fring or Skype) over the Android phones and also on Apple iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch etc...

So just wait for VOIP Skype's official direct to consumer app for Google's Android OS based devices and than make a free Skype to Skype VIDEO call on the go,

Dial Free Cell to Cell Call to USA this Memorial Day 2010

Local Phone is giving away free international call (from any phone, call or landline to any phone, cell or landline in the USA) to whole of the USA (landlines and cell phones) this US Memorial Day from many countries in the world (not all) where they have a local access number available,

So you have to just register for free to their web, than they will give you a local access number (you may also buy a local access incoming (DID) numbers in 45 countries and than your calls would be forwarded to USA cell phones / landlines whole of the week for free), which will be charged at the local rates to call USA and you can call via that phone number to USA for free using your existing mobile or a landline phone, no PIN or calling card numbers required

USA to USA local / long distance calls for free too could be done using this technique,

The free calls to USA offer is only available from this May 28, 2010 to May 31, 2010 using this offer on this Memorial day,


The free USA call offer applies to the fifty U.S. states and the District of Columbia, it does NOT include free calls to the premium numbers, or calls to territories such as Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands, they will be billed,

… Spread the word, Tweet, Facebook, Share, Email, Discuss this blog / post its URL to your global / US contacts to avail the free phone calling offer... we will be thankful to you for sharing and spreading a good cause : )

Free-Android Live Stream Video Call: Fring, Two Way, Unlimited International VOIP Smart Video Calls over Mobile Internet

Israel based is excited today, and this time too they have an another reason to get excited : )

This wonder mobile VOIP apps company (which also provides Fring to Fring and Skype free world calling over mobile on WIFI or 3G cellular networks) had added another feather to its cap and this is what they claim, world’s very first live streaming free two way video calls / voice video chat over ANDROID 2.1 mobiles / gadgets using the mobile internet, WIFI, 3G etc, (Two way mobile free video calling over Apple iPhone too is coming on Fring mobile VOIP apps soon stay tuned to this blog for the update any day now),

Android is a mobile operating system from Google Inc.,

This Android free mobile calling over Fring is now available in the Android market for a download on your smart Android mobile devices, like Sprint's HTC’s Evo 4G (one can also do video calls via QIK on EVO 4G) or Google's Nexus 1 and many other Android mobile handsets and devices, the live streaming mobile video calling is always free over the internet connection like WIFI or 3G networks,

For two way free video voice chat just hold your Android device, EVO 4G etc having the front camera and Fring app,

FYI: as we know that a video calls requires a fast CPU, thus Fring mobile VOIP app will automatically test the strength of your Android device to check its video calling capabilities / (CPU processing speed etc.)…


New York has now Free AT&T WIFI Public Hotzone Access

AT&T reports that New York AT&T customers can enjoy now free public Wi-Fi hot spots and it would according to them help in easing the "increasing congestion" on their 3G cellular wireless network, that’s why AT&T launched the free public WIFI hotspot for the public, in New York's Times Square (Manhattan area),

In this free public WIFI hotspot access programme, a New Yorker can connect with Free WIFI access to AT&T wireless & broadband services, they can access free WIFI on the netbooks, laptops, cellular phones, and such WIFI enabled devices,

… hey no MIFI (MIFI converts cellular signals into the WIFI signals, its a wireless router which creates a mobile WIFI personal hotspot) is needed there now, great savings, and ease of access when you are in the New York with AT&T!

Note: The free and public WIFI AT&T network is to be set up at north side of Times Square on Seventh Avenue between 45th and 47th Streets,

If all goes well these type of FREE WIFI projects soon will hit many cities of USA, AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph Company) thinks that this free WIFI move will help the data to make it out of congestion and call drop etc will come to a halt,

This free WIFI public access hotspots will help people a lot who love VOIP free internet calling, now you can access net book, mobile or PC to PC unlimited Skype free world or local calling or Fring free calling from smart cell phones etc, Tweet on the go, do Google, make a free video call on iPhone with Fring VOIP mobile app, or access email on a Blackberry all is free and on the go in the free WIFI zone,

There are numerous uses of WIFI and when its come for free we are in full control of our digital life which now on a daily basis, overrides the real life : (

VoxBone iNumbers are now Single Click- They ‘Map’ Local Calls, with help of Rebtel app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Make international VOIP calls at the cost of a local call with the help of Rebtel's iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch App,

Brussels based the Voxbone is a name for VOIP or simply Voice over IP carrier which provides for the virtual phone numbers or as we know the,: the DID (direct inward dialling) numbers, with the help of Voxbone numbers the users or / and companies receives the phone calls using SIP functionality; Voxbone expertise in local phone numbers and toll free numbers,

Now we have a Rebtel app for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch using Voxbone iNumbers it simply permits us to make a call by just clicking on this app (icon), this iPhone app allows single click dialling to the Voxbone's iNum numbers and users can thus generate a local phone number (which map to an iNumber for a contact in the phone book / address book) to be used for an international calling, is a cheap international call provider using the mobile phones with no PC required and no broadband ever needed,

iNum is a unique kind of the geographically independent and globally accepted phone number on this earth which support voice calls and many more to come,

iNum are one number-whole of earth-for the lifetime, they are global in very nature thus are not linked to any particular location or region, +883 Area earth code is being allocated by the ITU (international telecom union), and iNums are distributed for free to the various VOIP service providers,

So basically user is the winner here as he has to tap on his 'contact icon' on his handset, than he can call the contacts from 50+ countries, just for the price of a local call, it’s a mobile VOIP wonder!

Fring for Nokia-Symbian: Mobile VOIP App is More User Friendly Now

Fring is the popular social mobile network from Israel and it also provides an unlimited international calls using smart cell phones, using Fring to Fring or Skype, using WIFI or 3G networks,

Fring has an innovative technology to provide free mobile VOIP video calls using Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and also for Windows based mobile phones, Android, Symbian etc,

Now in a latest update Fring guys have announced that they have the latest updated version for Nokia's Symbian which is Fring's version 4.3 and you should download it now on your smart Symbian cellular handset to make free calling with Fring VOIP app & Nokia phone, download it from here,

This new Fring app for Symbian includes the Automatic Fring Friend-Finder so it could integrate all of your phone-book friends who already uses Fring anywhere in this world, thus you can easily dial them with a free video / voice call / chat session, using WIFI or a 3G cell network…

Vonage on Go for iPhone App: Make Free Abroad Calls on Go from iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

How to use Vonage World Plan on Go, using Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and make free abroad calls:

When you hold a Vonage World Plan at your home, also you have a Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and suppose you are on the go, than nothing but to spend money on hefty abroad calls by using calling cards, Skype to Go, VOIP etc?

No! you still can use your Vonage World Plan on go via iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and call the world for free,

VonGo (Vonage on the Go) is an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app in iTunes app store by Aphelion technologies, this app can be downloaded for 99 cents (one time cost, no recurring charges), and it promises FREE CALLING on go by Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch just using your existing Vonage World Plan,

This works on WIFI and cellular networks, so by downloading VonGo (Vonage on Go) on your Apple iPhone / iPad, iPod Touch you can always call the world by your Apple igadgets for free using your existing Vonage World Plan, its the matter of comfort, wireless and ease of access...

1. Using VonGo app, just make a click on any international number you wish to call,

2. VonGo than configures a call forwarding on your Vonage account,

3. You than call your Vonage number > this call will be than forwarded to the international number you wished to call,

4. Than you end the call and VonGo resets the call forward on your Vonage account,

VonGo iphone app is customised and integrated with your iPhone Address book, just opt any number from the address book and make a call,

... also you may like to use and add your frequently used numbers into VonGo favorites, so go always on go and make free abroad call using iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with Vonage world plan….

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VDialer for iPhone :

TDOS: FBI Alert, Theft using VOIP Accounts

FBI warned the public about a new kind of theft or rather a telephony scam which can use a VOIP account,

the name given to this by FBI is: TDOS = telephony denial-of–service,

The danger in this fraud is that the phone networks could not detect this kind of cheating before the things really get out of controll, if you receive a good chunk of cold calls on your landline phone or cellular phone, than it could lead and end up to TDOS (telephony denial-of–service) which may snoop your bank account or online trading account and such financial data etc so please beware but do not get into the panic,


Y!Phone = Yahoo + Nokia = Project Nike is Coming

Now a Y!Phone is coming, YAHOO (YHOO) and NOKIA {NOK} (joint venture known as PROJECT NIKE = Greek Goddess of victory) will jointly announce this on Monday May 24th, 2010 in New York, the USA!

We are living in an era of acquisitions and joint ventures, so this is not a new thing when two giants 'marry' each other sometimes may be to shun others and sometimes to gift something innovative to the tech freaks : )

In the telephony segment, 'the war' between big guns or the brands seems to get intensified now, and everybody seems to be within the race!

Its the beginning of the evolution of wireless communication and technology where survival is for the fittest only : )

Recently Google announced its updated OS the Android 2.2 or we know it as a name Froyo (frozen yogurt) so tech pundits predicts that may be the web portal Yahoo and Finnish (Keilaniemi, Espoo based) mobile Boss the Nokia joined their hands for creating something like smart wireless technology with a smart cell phone to show their presence in web & mobile telephony, … may be Yahoo embed its functionalities in Nokia handsets to make them more smarter and web-centric?

FYI: Yahoo already had a deal with Samsung mobile which permits Samsung to embed Yahoo's mobile thingies on its Android / Bada smart mobiles,

Just wait and watch fingers are crossed…


FREE International Mobile Phone Call: Try Now

Just register free with Operator One and make free & smart trial international calls worth one Euro, no fine prints,

Operator is a Luxemburg based cheap phone calls provider to the world, they have a technology (like perhaps) that one can make ultra low cost phone calls using ANY (and not the only smart phones) cell phone, around the world, thus could save a significant 98% money in hefty international calling using Operator One,

Nothing to download, no VOIP, SIP settings, PC or broadband ever needed, just your ANY ordinary cell phone (mobile) with your existing SIM and you are fine to go : )

Operator one claims that their overseas calling is even cheaper than SKYPE the VOIP giant, as their international calls starts only from GBP 0.02 per minutes onwards,

Operator One says that after doing a free registration (which is very quick) they will give away 1 euro free bonus to anyone to make use for your first call as a trial call so you don’t have to spend even a penny to test the honest, genuinely or the international call quality from your mobile phone,

Further, after the free trial call, if you like Operator One pricing and call quality with ease of access, you can add your international contacts with their phone numbers, and than Operator one will provide you a new local number for each of your international contact,

...Thus your each and every call will be a local phone call to make you enabled to talk more and more every time, but you also have to pay the local call charges to your service provider like always apart from low cost international calling rates to Operator One, and all this just from your cell phone, forget PC to PC calling or such, this is best and easy part for a layman,

Yeah if you add some balance or credit to your account Operator One gives you free / additional amount as a bonus, time to time as their promo schemes,

Operator One low cost mobile phone call provider is a network independent international operator,

They are modern in communication tech but still they have an easy to use communication services, their service Operator One Connect, make us enable to make mobile phone calls to our international contacts and friends on a local phone number, from ANY phone, and thus making all international calls as the local calls,

... yeah we always can keep our existing or current mobile phone, operator and subscription etc with us, nothing has to be changed or give up,

They also provide for a dedicated local number (DID numbers) in many cities / countries of the world which starts only from few Euros a month like €3 or so,

Countries from where the Cheap International Calls are permitted with Operator One:

You can call to the world using Operator One mobile cheap call services but calls can only be initiated / made from a few European, American, Australian nations which also includes, the Japan, and Israel etc,

Argentine, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungry, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States

FYI: For the EuroBonus members: They can earn EuroBonus extra points if you are calling with Operator One as they say that they are the first EuroBonus partner who specializes in international phone calls,