VOIP Free Call in Car: iPad & MiFi = WiFi, Make the Call on Go

Nowadays VOIP (voice over internet protocol) or simply internet (web) calling over broadband is the free to cheapest way to call somebody either local or overseas, Skype is the brand leader in Skype to Skype unlimited free video and audio calls all over the globe from anywhere to anywhere except UAE, Kuwait etc where the VOIP is being blocked due to the pressure of local operators as they fear to loose revenues they get from the current international calls that initiate / terminates from there network,

Truphone is a leading VOIP apps provider for the mobiles, iPhones, Android based handsets, Apple iPad etc, using Truphone VOIP mobile software on your gadget you can always make unlimited free WIFI to WIFI calls to any Truphone user in the world, also you can make cheap international VOIP phone calls to a non Truphone user around the globe,

Vopium too is similar to Truphone, they also provide VOIP calling app for mobiles and similarly WIFI TO WIFI abroad calling is always free with VOPIUM to Vopium VOIP and low cost VOIP calling could be done to non VOPIUM customers anywhere,

Skype the brand leader of VOIP P2P technology, has many many apps for making free to cheap overseas calls and they are working on a VOIP app for Apple's iPAD to use it as a phone to make free to cheap VOIP calls,

Fring is Israel based wonderful VOIP app provider which offers its Fring to Fring unlimited Free international calls over WiFi or 3G and video calling over Apple iPhone, they have several apps for Android, Symbian, Windows, etc mobile OS system, they are currently working over an app which would provide TWO way video calling over iPhone, using Fring mobile VOIP app, with Fring one could go with Twitter, Skype free calls etc as this is a social networking tool too,

But our point of discussion is that HOW TO MAKE A FREE to low cost VOIP CALL over Apple iPad while moving in a car?

We know iPad currently had launched only its WIFI version and not 3G based,

Truphone, Vopium etc could be used to make FREE VOIP call over iPad (WIFI to WIFI Truphone to Truphone etc) but it should be than in WIFI or a hotspot zone, and while we are in a moving car how to do this? How to get a WIFI hotspot in a moving car, here is a solution…

In USA, there comes a small device called as a MIFI (something similar to MIFI is known as an EGG in South Korea), its a compact wireless router by Novatel Wireless, MIFI converts the 3G cellular signals into the personal WIFI zone one and is good option to create WIFI broadband access hotspots to use wireless broadband on the go! MIFI simply creates an Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, MIFI is based on 3G / 4G WCDMA (HSPA & UMTS) / CDMA /GSM mobile technologies,

In UK, the popular mobile operator 3UK owes the "MiFi" trademark, 3UK markets a bit similar device from Huawei,

So with your Apple iPad tablet PC + MIFI combination in your car you virtually can create a mobile WIFI broadband personal hotspot and thus using iPad with VOIP apps from Truphone, VOIPUM etc you can make unlimited free to low cost VOIP global voice calls,

In coming days you will be able to make unlimited Free VIDEO calling / live video streaming on iPad slate PC on the move in a Formula 1 racing car too when Skype and Fring too have their own VOIP app ready for Apple's iPad calling, ... and yeah the iPad too will boast a Cam of its own, which it lacks as of today :(

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