VoIP Call Apps for Apple iPAD: Truphone, Vopium, Skype...

Truphone, the mobile VOIP apps provider (and free international call provider WIFI to WIFI, with Truphone software) claims to be the very first to provide a VOIP app for latest craze the Apple's iPad! Its available on Apple iTune store, and ready to be instant downloaded now,

VOIP Calls may or may not be NOT free with Truphone app for iPad, as Truphone VOIP calls are only free when they are made WiFI to WiFi & Truphone to Truphone,

Apple's iPad may be a wonder gadget for many but right now its ONLY works with and dependent on Wi-Fi hotspots, but no worry, there exists MiFi routers (WIBRO EGG in South Korea), which are born to convert the cellular network signaling into a WiFi network and thus you can always use this route for your brand new Apple iPad, if and when needed,

Truphone VOIP app for Apple iPad is always have the much demanding free wi-fi calls to other Truphone users and also to Google Talk users worldwide, with the low-cost calls over WIFI to PSTN and cellular phones, anywhere in the world,

Also with Truphone VOIP app for Apple's iPad, you can make a chat via instant messenger (IM) to Google Talk; MSN; AIM users, so its a social VOIP network too, which let you to be in touch of your contacts while on the go, without wires, it’s a wireless wonder : )

Skype VOIP still is working on a VOIP calling app over Apple's iPad, its in the Skype labs and is in the making till date,

And you know, after the grand gala launch of the Apple iPAD, the various apps makers are mushrooming day by day in Apple iTunes store for iPAD apps, and yet another name in VOIP, the Vopium, is in the row for VOIP call app for iPAD, and its VOIP app for iPad is pending approval at Apple's app stores,

Vopium too allows overseas texting, free unlimited international call over WIFI to WIFI & Vopium to Vopium just like Truphone and cheap int'l calling to landlines and mobiles etc over 2G / 3G cellular networks,

Vopium VOIP app for iPad, iPhone, permits FREE calling to worldwide Skype, Gtalk and Vopium users (when they come online)...


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