Virus Ready: HTC Magic Android Voda Fone Smart Mobile

The below's newscast is not any excerpt from famous Ripley's unbelievable but true, but this is really true and to be believed : )

According to the various published news stories, Trend Micro, the internet, viruses and malware etc. security company has alerted about a strange discovery, that malware are being pre-installed on the HTC Magic Android based Vodafone smart mobile handsets,

This could lead to the spread of viruses and malware into PC or any gadgets, when somebody plugs these virus ready HTC Magic Android VodaFone Smart Mobile via USB into any PC or any gadget, the WORM_SILLY.QT could make the PC or gadget infectious to this online virus!

Trend Micro threat research believes that perhaps any PC etc in Vodafone's production unit has the WORM_SILLY.QT computer virus, and this worm has been now propagating through removable drives etc, and this might have cause the memory, SD cards etc in a certain batch of smart phones get infected to the worm?!

News sources says that one of the recipient of such malware-laden smart cell phones was, a worker from a famous Spanish antivirus firm Panda Security,

According to a Trend Micro prediction in its 2010 Future Threat Report, they rightly anticipated that the future smart cell Phones directly coming out from the factories may carry Malware / viruses in 2010...

After the smart malware issue (in HTC Magic Android VodaFone) became public Vodafone has to made an official announcement, that the issue of malware laden mobile was an isolated one, and told that the very issue is localized only to a batch of Vodafone HTC magic Android mobile handsets shipped to Spain!

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