Track Lost-Stolen Apple iPad, iPhone, How to? MobileMe!

All could NOT be well when for any reasons you get lost, misplace your Apple's iPhone or its Tablet device, the iPad (which also works as a cell phone for you, on the go, on which you call the world for free using WiFi-WiFi, Truphone VOIP app, Skype to Skype worldwide calling also coming to Apple iPad) or it might have been stolen by someone! What to do?

For God's sake, the very first and foremost thing is: do not worry or get impulsive or hopeless, there are the ways to track down and found the lost or stolen Apple iPad Tablet PC, the wonder gadget / gizmo of the cult!

Hats off to the American way of technology & entrepreneurship, they though & devised this way too while iPad / iPhone was born!

Well, MobileMe is an Apple's cloud based service (its push technology pushes (backs up) your contacts etc over the air to your Apple devices, without any docking) which helps synchronization of all or any of your gadgets: iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC,

MobileMe is not free but comes with a 60 days FREE trial (at the end of the free Mobile me trial, it comes with a price tag of $99 for one year),

MobileMe provides you an ease of access and tries to make out your life a bit trouble free and a wireless wonder!

Apple's MobileMe service also helps you to find your lost or stolen iPhone / iPad etc, MobileMe has a cool feature, known as “Find My iPhone/iPad” feature,

Also there is a feature called, “Remote Wipe” which protects your privacy as it sounds verbally, it let you wipe out your data etc to protect your privacy like a child wipe out her slate! this is amazing and works like, says: “you lose your Apple iPad and displaying a message on it hasn’t resulted in its safe return, you can remotely lock it with a passcode or initiate a remote wipe and restore factory settings. If you eventually find your iPad, you can restore your email, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks by enabling your MobileMe account on iPad.”

You have to log in to to see the map which let you know the approximate location of lost iPad / iPhone, and if it’s somewhere nearby, Apple says, have it play a sound to help you locate it, or let it display a message on the Home screen to help someone may be return it to you. The Find My iPad feature works best if your iPad includes both Wi-Fi and 3G, but it will also find your Wi-Fi-only iPad when it’s connected to a wireless network.

Would you like now to play safe and try for Free, Apple's MobileMe for iPhone / iPAD etc.?

MobileMe for Apple iPad

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