SOS to SkypeAccess Free WIFI: Stranded Passengers need more

Thank you @SkypeAccess for taking up the most humanitarian cause by giving away the free SkypeAccess WIFI at numerous hotspots worldwide in wake of the Iceland Eyjafjallajokull volcano event and stuck-ed / stranded passengers at the airports worldwide, due to heavy cloud over Europe!

We are sure that many of our fellow stranded passengers must be taking the best advantage of the free Skype Access offer and must be in touch of their near and dears by making Free unlimited Skype to Skype video or audio world calling,

(FYI: Skypeto Skype calls are always free, unlimited, video or audio, and anytime, any day to anywhere from anywhere except but of VOIP blocked nations like UAE, Kuwait etc, Skype is an EBay company located in Luxembourg (HQ) and offices in London, Stockholm, Tartu, Prague, Talinn, Estonia, Europe),

Skype is Great!!! Three cheers for you the VOIP King!

… I was reading an another touching TIM’s human story on BBC, TIM a Brit that how his wife was in all the tears as they are stuck-ed in Thailand riots due to the unprecedented and an unlimited delay in the flights to Europe / UK as of the volcanic ash clouds enveloping the North of Europe!

Tim describes:

"My wife is in tears. We have two teenage sons at home and she can't even bear to talk to them anymore. She just breaks down......."

Really terrible, we all are with such passengers always and at each moment, ... so just use Twitter with hash tags and Free Skype calling (Skype Access WIFI hotspots are free till April 23 midnight GMT) to connect to this world, and spread your world,

We the Talkfree7 VOIP blog, appeals to @SkypeAccess that you are free till April 23rd, 2010, could you please extend Skype Access this of your most humanitarian cause more for a week or two? The world still needs you Skype and Free WIFI to connect home and offices,

Communication is vital, Skype, you & Twitter can help a lot in this troubled digital world: )

An appeal to Talkfree7's global readers too:

Please help the fellow stranded passengers at many airports, just Skype, Tweet, Facebook, spread the word and yeah Tweet this post to @Skype, may be the VOIP King hear and extend the deadline for FREE Skype Access WIFI deadline.

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