Nokia N8 & Symbian^3 OS Released: VOIP World Looks Forward

For the very first time in the world, a Symbian^3 OS smart cell phone is released and this is WIFI, video calling cell phone having front and back 12MP cam, Nokia N8, by the Finland based mobile company,

Watch YouTube: Demo of Nokia UI running on Symbian^3 :

The good thing with Symbian^3 is that it supports and could manage the multitasking so it can run various applications in the background (as its memory management module is too upgraded so now the users can run more than one apps at a time),

We hope and wish that VOIP calls running in the background in the new Symbian^3 OS device could benefit most to all of us the VOIP, free call, 3G, 4G, LTE etc. lovers : )


Symbian has various versions of its Symbian platform, viz.: Symbian^1, Symbian^2, Symbian^3, Symbian^4 etc….

Symbian^3 OS was announced recently this 15th February 2010, and is the very first to be a fully open source version from Symbian,

This Symbian^3 latest release has many innovations like HDMI support (now you can watch a 1080p film on the mobile, try your hands on Nokia-N8 smart multi touch cell phone), 2D and 3D graphics architecture, the UI improvements etc and Nokia N8 has become the very first mobile handset in the mobile phone history to adopt this latest Symbian^3 OS technology : )

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Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm is unwarranted. Symbian^3 is a step back in terms of VoIP support. Whereas Symbian 3.X and 5.0 had integrated VoIP support, Symbian^3 dispenses with it. That's not to say Symbian^3 can't get it as a retrofit, like Symbian 5.0 did, but for various reasons, I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Actually symbian ^3 has total support for Voip, as does the n8. Nokia just don't distribute the config program with the phone, probably due to pressure from small minded carriers.

In any case, the settings file is at

So you can breathe easy eh?

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