iPhone: Multitasking, Background VOIP & Skype

Apple iPhone / iPad will go multitasking with new OS4, and the VoIP / Skype will run in Background, means always online with VOIP, read how:

Skype for iPhone will run in background

Thanks to Steve Jobs, The Apple Inc. has released its beta version OS 4.0 for the iPhone, and this iPhone OS 4 incorporates many new features:

Among the most innovative features includes the, (VOIP) Voice over IP - The VOIP apps for Apple iPhone are much useful and better now, iPhone users can now receive the VoIP calls and also have the conversations while using another app. At the same time! Even the users can receive a voice call when the iPhone is sitting locked in the pocket,

Other features includes in Apple’s iPhone OS 4 are: Multitasking, Folders, iBooks, Unified Inbox, Background audio, Background location, Push notification, Local notifications, Task finishing, Fast app switching etc.

With start of the multitasking in Apple iPhone OS 4, one can have the background VoIP and also the Skype VOIP can run now in background on Apple iPhone!

When there was no iPhone OS 4, and when you exit from Skype, than Skype goes offline too – and you could never receive chats or important VOIP voice calls, but now with iPhone OS 4 the VOIP things are easy and when you leave the Skype app, Skype still will run there in the background (it’s a real multitasking), you will still be online with your Skypers around the globe, and can enjoy unlimited overseas Skype to Skype free call conversation from a WIFI zone or a MIFI enabled (converts cellular signals to a private WIFI hotspot) WIFI zone,

Simply if you swap to another app on iPhone OS4 or put the phone at office table or in your pocket, Skype the VOIP will still receive calls, if they comes any, and when the VOIP call comes-in, a notification on the iPhone's screen will pop up, so you could take the Skype call with a single tap, if you wish to do so!

Apple's iPad tablet PC too runs same software as the iPhone so it means the multitasking will come to iPad too and when Skype is ready with its own VOIP version for it, than one can certainly use iPad as a Big screen touch VOIP phone and call the world for free, Skype to Skype unlimited than : )

Apple's new release for iPhone, i.e. OS 4 makes the life much more easy and especially for the VOIP enthusiasts and the Skype world!

Skype for Apple iPhone!

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desert kitty kat said...

hi, does leaving skype in background running also apply in the UAE with Etisalat carrier??

I was reading that OS4 allows for 3G calls and skype running in background, does this apply in UAE?

I feel like i try to log on, and it's indefinitely trying to connect, then disconnecting??

many thanks!

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