iPad-HD Voice, One-Way Video Chat Enabled; Courtesy: Global IP Solutions

Gipscorp.com or Global IP Solutions (GIPS video engine mobile) has made enabled the solution to make HD super wideband Voice and one way live streaming video (its only one way as iPad lacks a cam) conferencing chat on Apple iPad tablet wonder device,

The iPad developers can receive supplies from GIPS videoengine mobile to integrate software for video conferencing capabilities into the apps which would used and run on apple iPad OS and as the Apple iPhone OS4 is coming, the multitasking, and VOIP things would go far easy, fun and useful…and as this Apple's new OS 4 is also be the same OS for the Apple iPad,

GIPS could provide the two way video call conferencing as it grows and become popular,

… meanwhile, Fring the popular mobile VoIP provider from Israel is working on an app for Apple iPhone 3GS which will provide for a Fring's FREE two way VOIP iPhone unlimited international video calling, via a WIFl or a 3G cellular network,

GIPS mobile video and HD call conferencing technology currently is available for: Apple iPad, iPhone, Android OS, Symbian, Windows mobile OS...

May be this is of your interest too:-

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