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I love Google!!!

I 'work' (this blog) freelance with Google from my home, I do am NOT live in the US and still I get paid, a GOOGLE CHECK, always on the time paid by the online search giant Google! I feel I am lucky : )

Well, do you know Google runs a programme called Google Adsense (the only honest & free programme to earn money online which small to all big sites and blogs uses like CNN and myself too) which provides ads on sites and blogs and webmasters get paid to show ads to the visitors, paid by Google, thank you Google you really are the very spirit of American entrepreneurship!

If anybody wants to learn this Google Adsense he may read this excellent and well written detailed book, available in India by Flipkart the online book store, provides excellent delivery on schedule and its free in India, also books are available on discounts!

Books for a layman by online Business Gurus:

Another book about Google which I always love to read is the Google Story, it tells all about the Google founders from Stanford, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, their early days and how they become a hero in this cutting edge technology era, and why the Google motto is: DO NO EVIL

Google Story (by A David Vise)

The third book is just released and I just ordered it,

Vanessa Fox (from Google) is the known name and a search engine strategy guru, she who created the Google's portal for site owners, known as: Google Webmaster Central, she teaches in layman language how to tame the search engines to market your things : )

These all books are really inspiring, helpful and worth reading and could be gifted, they are lovely and worth for the marketers, students and all who want to market their services, products online and wish to adopt the Google strategy to grow big despite the hurdles and competitions in this world,

The books are available worldwide and could be purchased online from reliable store The Flipkart in India and from worldwide : )

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