Fring VOIP & Android MID (Mobile Internet Device): Camangi Android Web Station Call from Fring

The Fring is Israel based mobile VOIP apps and an innovator and also the mobile phone social networking platform provider, the popular FRING has many things to offer like Free unlimited international calls Fring to Fring or Skype VOIP using WIFI or 3G via smart cell phones etc,

Fring can be used on many many mobile phones and devices and handsets like Windows OS, Symbian, Android, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch etc and now Fring for mobile apps also could be used with MIDs like Camangi Android webstation for making Fring to Fring unlimited free local or overseas call or Skype free calling, or Video calls on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch,

… Fring is not only meant for mobile phones but it could also be used with Android based Mobile Internet Devices (MID) or Android apps like on a Camangi Android Webstation that is why perhaps they call it as Mega Fring!

Camangi WebStation is an Android OS based, 7 Inches slim, light and portable Tablet (Mobile Internet Device or MID) and comes for a price approx US$400 they just released their latest version, just after the launch of Apple's iPad,

Watch YouTube Video about Fring VOIP on Android MID (Mobile Internet Device): Camangi Android Webstation

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