Fring: Control Others Cell Phone's Cam from a Distance, Activate it

Israel based Fring is the world's hottest chat, IM, social network and mobile peer to peer (p2p) VOIP apps provider and software maker for Apple iphone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows, Symbian S60 and many smart PDAs and cell phones, so anybody can make free unlimited two way VIDEO call: local or international using Fring on cell phone via Skype VOIP or Fring to Fring, anywhere, anytime using 3G or WIFI connectivity,

Now Fring’s lab is working on another smart mobile phone technology, in which you can easily and remotely control others cell phone / camera even from a distance : )

Yeah its true and unbelievable and sounds something like a bluetooth wireless tech but quiet different and innovative ground breaking tech in the Fring's pipeline, which will be rolled out in the next updated version of Fring Apps for cell phones and mobiles,

Well done Fring!!! The mobile VOIP guys…

Readers! If you want to be a tester or a part of Fring's Early Access - Remote Mobile Camera Activation technology and want to test it first before the rest of the world than join hands with Team Fring here

: ) But I just read on Fring's blog, this is not real, it was an APRIL FOOL PRANK : ( huh...

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