Free VOIP Call, Facebook to US: Connect 8x8

Facebook and Twitter are the hottest social networking online media platforms in our second life (virtual world), and US based telco and VOIP provider 8x8 has a VOIP tool for Facebook to call USA numbers, it’s a free VOIP calling, known as 8x8 connect,

Currently 8x8 connect VOIP Facebook app {point and click VoIP calling application for Facebook} works only for US phone numbers to call unlimited and free (the call should be terminate to a US based cell or landline phone number),

Using this VOIP app on your Facebook page your Facebook contacts from anywhere, can call your US no. for all free, its like a 'CALL ME' button and you have never to reveal your phone number, but your own number should be a US based phone number!

How this free VOIP calling works:

When your Facebook contacts (from anywhere) click to the Call Me button on your Facebook profile page > they are calling you directly from there > their phone rings first > as they pick up their phone > that call than comes to you, this 8x8 connect used the VoIP (Internet calling) technology to connect to you with your Facebook contacts for free and currently terminates the free call to only any USA phone numbers (landline or mobile),

So make a list of your Facebook pals and invite them to call you for free (using Call Me button), only if you have a US phone number, using Facebook and 8x8 Connect VOIP route!

Procedure to add and use 8x8 Facebook VOIP app:

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