Cell to Office: Secure-Encrypted-IP Calling on Nokia Symbian & Blackberry Smart Handsets

Founded in year 2005, the Cellcrypt is a company which pioneers in the technology to make secure mobile voice calling on normal smart mobile phones for anybody!

The Cellcrypt.com provides for the secure and encrypted cellular to office voice calling over cell phones which includes the range of popular handsets like Nokia Symbian, Blackberries (on T-Mobile network and also on WiFi hotspots) etc,

Cellcrypt encrypted calling works utilizing the IP data channel and supports wireless networks: 2G, cellular 3G wireless networks, WiFi and also supports using satellite networks so it makes call quality clear and easy to make a voice call on a regular mobile phone handset,

The Cellcrypt uses end-to-end cell phone encryption solutions and the technology which provides the government-grade encryption of phone call using the normal mobile handsets,

In today’s scenario the safe, secure and encrypted mobile to office calling is of the great use and demand and especially to the State heads, biz executives, company executives, etc when they make a call to their office desk phone using their own cell phone,

Like when somebody travels to a hostile nation or so…, to avoid the phone tapping or mobile phone interception (which could never be denied in this spy technology world), this tech solution plays a significant role!

Also this mobile phone voice encryption technology helps to get a security from kidnappers and abductors too,

Other great features to use this secure and encrypted telephony solution is that one can access most of all the office telephony features like voicemail, call conference, call to public telephone network etc in safe, secure and an encrypted mode…

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