Apple iPad-Free VOIP World Call on Easter: Truphone

Blog ZDNET has an interesting story today that how to make the VOIP voice call using Apple's latest wonder gadget slate, the iPad! And the great thing is that you can make this totally free VOIP call to 10 countries this Easter 2010 using Apple iPad with Truphone VOIP apps, viz. to

1. Australia
2. Canada
3. China
4. France
5. Germany
6. Italy
7. Philippines
8. Spain
9. UK
10. USA

This VOIP calling (free call on Easter, after wards its free WIFI to WIFI using Truphone app) from iPAD is possible only as Truphone has launched its VOIP app for the Apple iPAD tablet device : ) and make it compatible for the VOIP world calling like iPhone or iPod Touch!

Truphone’s Truphone for iPad VOIP mobile app provider has become the very first VoIP app to get an entry into the Apple iPad App Store, this is true from truphone and not an April fool hoax or, Internet rumor or any joke : )

Skype VOIP app for the Apple iPad may come soon now as Skype has its hands on now on actual iPads and they can start tuning and testing : ) than we can make Skype to Skype Free unlimited video calling from Apple iPad!


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