Mother's Day: Free Overseas and Local Calling

Mothers' Day is approaching this year 2010 too, it falls at different dates in different countries, but generally on second Sunday of May,

We love our Mom : ) so if you resides in USA, here is a freebie / gift / deal for you to make a call your Mom's phone for free (within USA or abroad / overseas and also to Cuba), courtesy: Colgate-Palmolive (C-P, New York) sweepstakes!

This is a free phone call giveaway on Mothers' Day as a Colgate-Palmolive promo and here no buying or any kind of payout is necessary to participate or winning the contest,

Eligibility to enter the free call contest on Happy Mother's day 2010:

You should be the legal resident of any of the 50 States of USA, than you are eligible to take part in this free call instant contest on Mothers' Day occasion, you must be an adult and above 18 years or older, but PUERTO RICO residents could not participate in this free calling contest,

This Colgate-Palmolive "Mother's Day Instant Win Game & Sweepstakes" was launched on April 13th, 2010, and will come to an end May 30th, 2010, 11:59:59 P.M. ET,

Here in this Colgate-Palmolive "Mother's Day" free call contest, Fifty Thousand (50,000) prizes are at the stake and each prize is of a ten (10) minutes of pre-paid absolutely FREE telephone calling minutes / ("Calling Code") (ARV: $1.00 each; TARV: $50,000),

Free Calls on Mother's day can be made to CUBA too from the USA : ) yeah its amazing but true, but only for a three minutes duration, (from US to Cuba 3 minute free call, as we know phone calls which terminates to the Cuba are very hefty and expensive, perhaps one of the most expensive p[hone calling on this Earth)

These 100% free ten minutes calls (to landlines; but on mobiles these free calls time limit could be lower and up to five minutes or so) also can be dialled within fifty United States and District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada , Belize , Costa Rica , El Salvador , Guatemala , Honduras , Nicaragua and Panama .

The mother's day free calls will be of ten minutes placed to a land line in the following nations: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama

Mother's day, International free phone call to other nations of the world at large can also be dialled but the winner will receive lower than ten (10) minutes, as its free duration or free calling minutes vary by each country,

You may email: [email protected] for any or all queries,

An another Mother's day free call deal for you from Josh,

FYI: Just to remind that VOIP calling using Skype to Skype free overseas audio / video calls are always available, 24x7, 365 days, anytime, anywhere to anywhere, just need a good broadband (preferably unlimited as it consumes lots of bandwidth), Cam, Mic etc,

Also Fring VOIP mobile calls are free Fring to Fring, overseas or local

...and there is yet another mobile VOIP app provider: calls are free WIFI to WIFI - Truphone to Truphone from anywhere to anywhere, anytime!

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Cell to Office: Secure-Encrypted-IP Calling on Nokia Symbian & Blackberry Smart Handsets

Founded in year 2005, the Cellcrypt is a company which pioneers in the technology to make secure mobile voice calling on normal smart mobile phones for anybody!

The provides for the secure and encrypted cellular to office voice calling over cell phones which includes the range of popular handsets like Nokia Symbian, Blackberries (on T-Mobile network and also on WiFi hotspots) etc,

Cellcrypt encrypted calling works utilizing the IP data channel and supports wireless networks: 2G, cellular 3G wireless networks, WiFi and also supports using satellite networks so it makes call quality clear and easy to make a voice call on a regular mobile phone handset,

The Cellcrypt uses end-to-end cell phone encryption solutions and the technology which provides the government-grade encryption of phone call using the normal mobile handsets,

In today’s scenario the safe, secure and encrypted mobile to office calling is of the great use and demand and especially to the State heads, biz executives, company executives, etc when they make a call to their office desk phone using their own cell phone,

Like when somebody travels to a hostile nation or so…, to avoid the phone tapping or mobile phone interception (which could never be denied in this spy technology world), this tech solution plays a significant role!

Also this mobile phone voice encryption technology helps to get a security from kidnappers and abductors too,

Other great features to use this secure and encrypted telephony solution is that one can access most of all the office telephony features like voicemail, call conference, call to public telephone network etc in safe, secure and an encrypted mode…

Nokia N8 & Symbian^3 OS Released: VOIP World Looks Forward

For the very first time in the world, a Symbian^3 OS smart cell phone is released and this is WIFI, video calling cell phone having front and back 12MP cam, Nokia N8, by the Finland based mobile company,

Watch YouTube: Demo of Nokia UI running on Symbian^3 :

The good thing with Symbian^3 is that it supports and could manage the multitasking so it can run various applications in the background (as its memory management module is too upgraded so now the users can run more than one apps at a time),

We hope and wish that VOIP calls running in the background in the new Symbian^3 OS device could benefit most to all of us the VOIP, free call, 3G, 4G, LTE etc. lovers : )


Symbian has various versions of its Symbian platform, viz.: Symbian^1, Symbian^2, Symbian^3, Symbian^4 etc….

Symbian^3 OS was announced recently this 15th February 2010, and is the very first to be a fully open source version from Symbian,

This Symbian^3 latest release has many innovations like HDMI support (now you can watch a 1080p film on the mobile, try your hands on Nokia-N8 smart multi touch cell phone), 2D and 3D graphics architecture, the UI improvements etc and Nokia N8 has become the very first mobile handset in the mobile phone history to adopt this latest Symbian^3 OS technology : )

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Google Story: Adsense, Organic Search & Online Marketing

I love Google!!!

I 'work' (this blog) freelance with Google from my home, I do am NOT live in the US and still I get paid, a GOOGLE CHECK, always on the time paid by the online search giant Google! I feel I am lucky : )

Well, do you know Google runs a programme called Google Adsense (the only honest & free programme to earn money online which small to all big sites and blogs uses like CNN and myself too) which provides ads on sites and blogs and webmasters get paid to show ads to the visitors, paid by Google, thank you Google you really are the very spirit of American entrepreneurship!

If anybody wants to learn this Google Adsense he may read this excellent and well written detailed book, available in India by Flipkart the online book store, provides excellent delivery on schedule and its free in India, also books are available on discounts!

Books for a layman by online Business Gurus:

Another book about Google which I always love to read is the Google Story, it tells all about the Google founders from Stanford, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, their early days and how they become a hero in this cutting edge technology era, and why the Google motto is: DO NO EVIL

Google Story (by A David Vise)

The third book is just released and I just ordered it,

Vanessa Fox (from Google) is the known name and a search engine strategy guru, she who created the Google's portal for site owners, known as: Google Webmaster Central, she teaches in layman language how to tame the search engines to market your things : )

These all books are really inspiring, helpful and worth reading and could be gifted, they are lovely and worth for the marketers, students and all who want to market their services, products online and wish to adopt the Google strategy to grow big despite the hurdles and competitions in this world,

The books are available worldwide and could be purchased online from reliable store The Flipkart in India and from worldwide : )

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SOS to SkypeAccess Free WIFI: Stranded Passengers need more

Thank you @SkypeAccess for taking up the most humanitarian cause by giving away the free SkypeAccess WIFI at numerous hotspots worldwide in wake of the Iceland Eyjafjallajokull volcano event and stuck-ed / stranded passengers at the airports worldwide, due to heavy cloud over Europe!

We are sure that many of our fellow stranded passengers must be taking the best advantage of the free Skype Access offer and must be in touch of their near and dears by making Free unlimited Skype to Skype video or audio world calling,

(FYI: Skypeto Skype calls are always free, unlimited, video or audio, and anytime, any day to anywhere from anywhere except but of VOIP blocked nations like UAE, Kuwait etc, Skype is an EBay company located in Luxembourg (HQ) and offices in London, Stockholm, Tartu, Prague, Talinn, Estonia, Europe),

Skype is Great!!! Three cheers for you the VOIP King!

… I was reading an another touching TIM’s human story on BBC, TIM a Brit that how his wife was in all the tears as they are stuck-ed in Thailand riots due to the unprecedented and an unlimited delay in the flights to Europe / UK as of the volcanic ash clouds enveloping the North of Europe!

Tim describes:

"My wife is in tears. We have two teenage sons at home and she can't even bear to talk to them anymore. She just breaks down......."

Really terrible, we all are with such passengers always and at each moment, ... so just use Twitter with hash tags and Free Skype calling (Skype Access WIFI hotspots are free till April 23 midnight GMT) to connect to this world, and spread your world,

We the Talkfree7 VOIP blog, appeals to @SkypeAccess that you are free till April 23rd, 2010, could you please extend Skype Access this of your most humanitarian cause more for a week or two? The world still needs you Skype and Free WIFI to connect home and offices,

Communication is vital, Skype, you & Twitter can help a lot in this troubled digital world: )

An appeal to Talkfree7's global readers too:

Please help the fellow stranded passengers at many airports, just Skype, Tweet, Facebook, spread the word and yeah Tweet this post to @Skype, may be the VOIP King hear and extend the deadline for FREE Skype Access WIFI deadline.

VOIP: Free Overseas Phone Call, Test ZENOFON for Free for upto 30 Minutes!

Local / Long distance Calling FREE in USA from USA & Canada;

Make cheap Overseas calls from USA, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii to rest of world:

Test Zenofon for free calling for upto 30 minutes, just sign up and test absolutely Free VOIP overseas call, its a good deal to check Zenofon now,

Sign up below and do not forget to start making first call as a free call and check the call quality yourself, no credit card info or nothing required, just give it a shot,

Zenofon Free Overseas Test Call, Test it here now>>>

Zenofon has a VOIP free, multi tier affiliate programme too (if you could make up the US based sign ups) to spread the word about Zenofon VOIP and by this one can earn some cool bucks for the lifetime, try this too:

Sign up and earn online or offline with Zenofon affiliate programme, it really pays and works!

iPad-HD Voice, One-Way Video Chat Enabled; Courtesy: Global IP Solutions or Global IP Solutions (GIPS video engine mobile) has made enabled the solution to make HD super wideband Voice and one way live streaming video (its only one way as iPad lacks a cam) conferencing chat on Apple iPad tablet wonder device,

The iPad developers can receive supplies from GIPS videoengine mobile to integrate software for video conferencing capabilities into the apps which would used and run on apple iPad OS and as the Apple iPhone OS4 is coming, the multitasking, and VOIP things would go far easy, fun and useful…and as this Apple's new OS 4 is also be the same OS for the Apple iPad,

GIPS could provide the two way video call conferencing as it grows and become popular,

… meanwhile, Fring the popular mobile VoIP provider from Israel is working on an app for Apple iPhone 3GS which will provide for a Fring's FREE two way VOIP iPhone unlimited international video calling, via a WIFl or a 3G cellular network,

GIPS mobile video and HD call conferencing technology currently is available for: Apple iPad, iPhone, Android OS, Symbian, Windows mobile OS...

May be this is of your interest too:-

Iceland Eyjafjallajokull Volcano & LP's Free Europe City Guides App for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod for Stranded Travellers at Airports

Finally the Lonely Planet come to the rescue (with their world famous travel guides on iPhone App for free for few days) of the worldwide stranded travelers at various Airports!

We know that with the volcanic eruption at Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull, there is a massive cloud of ash enveloping many parts of the Northwest Europe which had caused the havoc with the air travel passengers and Europe air travel route in particular has been hitted severely with many of the passengers to destination Europe are stranded at the various airport lounges seeking for a quick relief and an exit!

Lonely Planet is Australia based worldwide publisher of its fantastic travel guide books, City guides, calendars, DVDs and such goodies, they had just announced that they will release their European city guide books for free on temporary basis for the stranded travellers and these could be downloaded from Apple's iTunes store directly on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc,

Lonely Planet, right now is offering for free, 13 of the European iPhone city guides on Apple iPhone apps,

As many many international travellers stucked in unfamiliar places, so these Lonely Planet Europe city guides will provide them the much needed to the point information and / or the suggestions, that what to do whilst stranded on an airport in Europe!

These 13 free travel iPhone apps are available for free download till 11.59pm (GMT+12) Thursday 22nd April 2010,

The LP Europe city guides can be downloaded from Apple iTunes Apps Store for following European cities:

• Amsterdam
• Barcelona
• Berlin
• Budapest
• Copenhagen
• Istanbul
• London
• Moscow
• Munich
• Paris
• Rome
• Stockholm
• Vienna

Please share this info, email, blog, Tweet, Facebook, Digg or so … this post … with your friends or family who might have their plans affected by this strange Iceland Volcano event!

The Apple's Apps Requirements:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later….

FYI: Free iPhone city guides are only available where the Apple iTunes App Store is available, and downloading charges may apply,

Another thing, by the way, With a WIFI hot spot at Airport, or with Skype Access (on a charge), you can make unlimited Free to cheap VOIP overseas calls with your laptop or cell phones,

Update: Just received this below Breaking News from Skype VOIP:

Skype to Skype world calling (video or audio) is always free, do it on WIFI, or use Skype Access to make VOIP call from Airports!

Never feel lonely when you have these fantastic apps like LP for iPhone or Skype for iPhone etc...

iPhone: Multitasking, Background VOIP & Skype

Apple iPhone / iPad will go multitasking with new OS4, and the VoIP / Skype will run in Background, means always online with VOIP, read how:

Skype for iPhone will run in background

Thanks to Steve Jobs, The Apple Inc. has released its beta version OS 4.0 for the iPhone, and this iPhone OS 4 incorporates many new features:

Among the most innovative features includes the, (VOIP) Voice over IP - The VOIP apps for Apple iPhone are much useful and better now, iPhone users can now receive the VoIP calls and also have the conversations while using another app. At the same time! Even the users can receive a voice call when the iPhone is sitting locked in the pocket,

Other features includes in Apple’s iPhone OS 4 are: Multitasking, Folders, iBooks, Unified Inbox, Background audio, Background location, Push notification, Local notifications, Task finishing, Fast app switching etc.

With start of the multitasking in Apple iPhone OS 4, one can have the background VoIP and also the Skype VOIP can run now in background on Apple iPhone!

When there was no iPhone OS 4, and when you exit from Skype, than Skype goes offline too – and you could never receive chats or important VOIP voice calls, but now with iPhone OS 4 the VOIP things are easy and when you leave the Skype app, Skype still will run there in the background (it’s a real multitasking), you will still be online with your Skypers around the globe, and can enjoy unlimited overseas Skype to Skype free call conversation from a WIFI zone or a MIFI enabled (converts cellular signals to a private WIFI hotspot) WIFI zone,

Simply if you swap to another app on iPhone OS4 or put the phone at office table or in your pocket, Skype the VOIP will still receive calls, if they comes any, and when the VOIP call comes-in, a notification on the iPhone's screen will pop up, so you could take the Skype call with a single tap, if you wish to do so!

Apple's iPad tablet PC too runs same software as the iPhone so it means the multitasking will come to iPad too and when Skype is ready with its own VOIP version for it, than one can certainly use iPad as a Big screen touch VOIP phone and call the world for free, Skype to Skype unlimited than : )

Apple's new release for iPhone, i.e. OS 4 makes the life much more easy and especially for the VOIP enthusiasts and the Skype world!

Skype for Apple iPhone!

VOIP Free Call in Car: iPad & MiFi = WiFi, Make the Call on Go

Nowadays VOIP (voice over internet protocol) or simply internet (web) calling over broadband is the free to cheapest way to call somebody either local or overseas, Skype is the brand leader in Skype to Skype unlimited free video and audio calls all over the globe from anywhere to anywhere except UAE, Kuwait etc where the VOIP is being blocked due to the pressure of local operators as they fear to loose revenues they get from the current international calls that initiate / terminates from there network,

Truphone is a leading VOIP apps provider for the mobiles, iPhones, Android based handsets, Apple iPad etc, using Truphone VOIP mobile software on your gadget you can always make unlimited free WIFI to WIFI calls to any Truphone user in the world, also you can make cheap international VOIP phone calls to a non Truphone user around the globe,

Vopium too is similar to Truphone, they also provide VOIP calling app for mobiles and similarly WIFI TO WIFI abroad calling is always free with VOPIUM to Vopium VOIP and low cost VOIP calling could be done to non VOPIUM customers anywhere,

Skype the brand leader of VOIP P2P technology, has many many apps for making free to cheap overseas calls and they are working on a VOIP app for Apple's iPAD to use it as a phone to make free to cheap VOIP calls,

Fring is Israel based wonderful VOIP app provider which offers its Fring to Fring unlimited Free international calls over WiFi or 3G and video calling over Apple iPhone, they have several apps for Android, Symbian, Windows, etc mobile OS system, they are currently working over an app which would provide TWO way video calling over iPhone, using Fring mobile VOIP app, with Fring one could go with Twitter, Skype free calls etc as this is a social networking tool too,

But our point of discussion is that HOW TO MAKE A FREE to low cost VOIP CALL over Apple iPad while moving in a car?

We know iPad currently had launched only its WIFI version and not 3G based,

Truphone, Vopium etc could be used to make FREE VOIP call over iPad (WIFI to WIFI Truphone to Truphone etc) but it should be than in WIFI or a hotspot zone, and while we are in a moving car how to do this? How to get a WIFI hotspot in a moving car, here is a solution…

In USA, there comes a small device called as a MIFI (something similar to MIFI is known as an EGG in South Korea), its a compact wireless router by Novatel Wireless, MIFI converts the 3G cellular signals into the personal WIFI zone one and is good option to create WIFI broadband access hotspots to use wireless broadband on the go! MIFI simply creates an Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, MIFI is based on 3G / 4G WCDMA (HSPA & UMTS) / CDMA /GSM mobile technologies,

In UK, the popular mobile operator 3UK owes the "MiFi" trademark, 3UK markets a bit similar device from Huawei,

So with your Apple iPad tablet PC + MIFI combination in your car you virtually can create a mobile WIFI broadband personal hotspot and thus using iPad with VOIP apps from Truphone, VOIPUM etc you can make unlimited free to low cost VOIP global voice calls,

In coming days you will be able to make unlimited Free VIDEO calling / live video streaming on iPad slate PC on the move in a Formula 1 racing car too when Skype and Fring too have their own VOIP app ready for Apple's iPad calling, ... and yeah the iPad too will boast a Cam of its own, which it lacks as of today :(

Surely you will also like to read: Skype Video Call Streaming Broadcast from a Rally Car


Truphone VOIP Giveaway: Free UK-New York Return Ticket, Three Star Stay, Truphone Local Anywhere SIM

To celebrate the launch of Truphone Local Anywhere, Truphone VOIP & Giveaway, Win Free Prizes Contest: (ONLY FOR UK RESIDENTS)

Prizes: Free UK-New York Return Ticket, Three Star Stay, Brand New Truphone Local Anywhere SIM... do you need anything more?!

Truphone is a leading VOIP mobile app. provider to the world, (its famous for its unlimited free overseas WIFI TO WIFI & Truphone to Truphone VOIP call) it has also its famous Truphone Local Anywhere (currently meant for US, UK: Australia, Spain Hong Kong coming soon) SIM which provides the local calling no.s with local call rates,

Truphone VOIP Contest Details:

More Details:

About Truphone mobile VOIP Local SIM:

The last date for the draw entries is 5.00 pm GMT on 14 May 2010

Track Lost-Stolen Apple iPad, iPhone, How to? MobileMe!

All could NOT be well when for any reasons you get lost, misplace your Apple's iPhone or its Tablet device, the iPad (which also works as a cell phone for you, on the go, on which you call the world for free using WiFi-WiFi, Truphone VOIP app, Skype to Skype worldwide calling also coming to Apple iPad) or it might have been stolen by someone! What to do?

For God's sake, the very first and foremost thing is: do not worry or get impulsive or hopeless, there are the ways to track down and found the lost or stolen Apple iPad Tablet PC, the wonder gadget / gizmo of the cult!

Hats off to the American way of technology & entrepreneurship, they though & devised this way too while iPad / iPhone was born!

Well, MobileMe is an Apple's cloud based service (its push technology pushes (backs up) your contacts etc over the air to your Apple devices, without any docking) which helps synchronization of all or any of your gadgets: iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC,

MobileMe is not free but comes with a 60 days FREE trial (at the end of the free Mobile me trial, it comes with a price tag of $99 for one year),

MobileMe provides you an ease of access and tries to make out your life a bit trouble free and a wireless wonder!

Apple's MobileMe service also helps you to find your lost or stolen iPhone / iPad etc, MobileMe has a cool feature, known as “Find My iPhone/iPad” feature,

Also there is a feature called, “Remote Wipe” which protects your privacy as it sounds verbally, it let you wipe out your data etc to protect your privacy like a child wipe out her slate! this is amazing and works like, says: “you lose your Apple iPad and displaying a message on it hasn’t resulted in its safe return, you can remotely lock it with a passcode or initiate a remote wipe and restore factory settings. If you eventually find your iPad, you can restore your email, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks by enabling your MobileMe account on iPad.”

You have to log in to to see the map which let you know the approximate location of lost iPad / iPhone, and if it’s somewhere nearby, Apple says, have it play a sound to help you locate it, or let it display a message on the Home screen to help someone may be return it to you. The Find My iPad feature works best if your iPad includes both Wi-Fi and 3G, but it will also find your Wi-Fi-only iPad when it’s connected to a wireless network.

Would you like now to play safe and try for Free, Apple's MobileMe for iPhone / iPAD etc.?

MobileMe for Apple iPad

Blackberry GPS Mapping: Find Lost, Stolen, Misplaced BlackBerry

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HP Slate Tablet PC & Skype VOIP Free Call

HP Touch Pad (Slate Tablet PC) & Skype VOIP Free Call
Wow! its Apple iPad, now next Wow! its the latest HP's Slate Device, a Skype VOIP ready Tablet PC, which promises me a full Mobile experience,
Technology evolves!!! And in this wireless world of technology: the gizmos and the gadgets, the things are changing at a much rapid pace, than even that of changing a shirt which I use to daily : )
Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPad, EBook readers, PDAs, Tablet PCs and now HP's (Hewlett-Packard) Slate Tablet PC which runs on the latest Windows 7 OS and has 8.9 inch display , Atom CPU, 5 Hr long battery backup, multi touch in nature with mobility and full multimedia experience with Flash and a 3 megapixel camera on its back unlike the Apple iPad and a and a VGA resolution web cam on the front panel for making video-voice calls or video chat, WiFi, BlueTooth, digitizer and pen support etc,
But the best thing is I can use this HP Slate (its Internet and Skype ready) with SKYPE VOIP for making unlimited free, local or international audio or video calling! Skype to Skype gives free calling in the world anywhere, everywhere, anytime, just download Skype software and start calling yours for free, Skype to Skype from HP Slate Tablet PC from any WiFi zone!

Watch YouTube for HP Slate Tablet PC:
Update: Just read that may be HP: "abandoning Intel-based hardware for its slate lineup simply because it’s too power hungry. That would also rule out Windows 7 as an operating system"

Fring VOIP & Android MID (Mobile Internet Device): Camangi Android Web Station Call from Fring

The Fring is Israel based mobile VOIP apps and an innovator and also the mobile phone social networking platform provider, the popular FRING has many things to offer like Free unlimited international calls Fring to Fring or Skype VOIP using WIFI or 3G via smart cell phones etc,

Fring can be used on many many mobile phones and devices and handsets like Windows OS, Symbian, Android, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch etc and now Fring for mobile apps also could be used with MIDs like Camangi Android webstation for making Fring to Fring unlimited free local or overseas call or Skype free calling, or Video calls on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch,

… Fring is not only meant for mobile phones but it could also be used with Android based Mobile Internet Devices (MID) or Android apps like on a Camangi Android Webstation that is why perhaps they call it as Mega Fring!

Camangi WebStation is an Android OS based, 7 Inches slim, light and portable Tablet (Mobile Internet Device or MID) and comes for a price approx US$400 they just released their latest version, just after the launch of Apple's iPad,

Watch YouTube Video about Fring VOIP on Android MID (Mobile Internet Device): Camangi Android Webstation

VoIP Call Apps for Apple iPAD: Truphone, Vopium, Skype...

Truphone, the mobile VOIP apps provider (and free international call provider WIFI to WIFI, with Truphone software) claims to be the very first to provide a VOIP app for latest craze the Apple's iPad! Its available on Apple iTune store, and ready to be instant downloaded now,

VOIP Calls may or may not be NOT free with Truphone app for iPad, as Truphone VOIP calls are only free when they are made WiFI to WiFi & Truphone to Truphone,

Apple's iPad may be a wonder gadget for many but right now its ONLY works with and dependent on Wi-Fi hotspots, but no worry, there exists MiFi routers (WIBRO EGG in South Korea), which are born to convert the cellular network signaling into a WiFi network and thus you can always use this route for your brand new Apple iPad, if and when needed,

Truphone VOIP app for Apple iPad is always have the much demanding free wi-fi calls to other Truphone users and also to Google Talk users worldwide, with the low-cost calls over WIFI to PSTN and cellular phones, anywhere in the world,

Also with Truphone VOIP app for Apple's iPad, you can make a chat via instant messenger (IM) to Google Talk; MSN; AIM users, so its a social VOIP network too, which let you to be in touch of your contacts while on the go, without wires, it’s a wireless wonder : )

Skype VOIP still is working on a VOIP calling app over Apple's iPad, its in the Skype labs and is in the making till date,

And you know, after the grand gala launch of the Apple iPAD, the various apps makers are mushrooming day by day in Apple iTunes store for iPAD apps, and yet another name in VOIP, the Vopium, is in the row for VOIP call app for iPAD, and its VOIP app for iPad is pending approval at Apple's app stores,

Vopium too allows overseas texting, free unlimited international call over WIFI to WIFI & Vopium to Vopium just like Truphone and cheap int'l calling to landlines and mobiles etc over 2G / 3G cellular networks,

Vopium VOIP app for iPad, iPhone, permits FREE calling to worldwide Skype, Gtalk and Vopium users (when they come online)...


Free Calls to USA using iPad from anywhere: Whistle Phone

Why Apple's wonder tablet, the iPAD will loose its charm??? Find out!

Live TV on T-Mobile: with HTC HD2 Smart Phone

T Mobile's smart mobile phone HTC HD2 is for you : )

HTC HD2 has many mores than just a cellular phone, and only making phone calls,

T Mobile’s HTC HD2 comes with, bundled apps so you can watch your favourite TV on mobile using MobiTV, it’s a wonderful stream of TV on mobile, live portable and mobile TV over a 3G connection, switch between different programs viz. MSNBC, ABC, and FOX, with not a delay over a 3G cellular network,

HTC HD2 has the one of the largest screens available in USA, to watch and enjoy the MOBI TV on go, Live, HTC HD2 carries 4.3-inch x 800-by-480-pixel screen which is powered by 1Ghz Snapdragon by Qualcomm processor, this all combo makes a perfect system for watching TV on your cell phone,

First 30 days are free after you sign up for MobiTV on your HTC HD2

LIVE Mobile TV on HTC HD2 will be available on T-Mobile, USA from March 24 for $199.99 (on a two-year contract)...

Skype VOIP for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Ver. 1.3.1: but Skipped Calling over 3G, Call only from WIFI Zones VOIP (which uses P2P {peer to peer} technology) has now become the synonym and a name for its marvellous unlimited international Skype to Skype free audio and video calling using broadband / WiFi,

Skype VOIP free or cheap calls could be accessed various ways like from PC, Sony PSP, iPhone, iPod Touch, Smart Mobiles etc,

Now Skype has released and updated their VOIP version for Apple's gadgets: iPhone, iPod Touch Ver. 1.3.1 (available for a download in Apple itunes store) but still it lacks the much demanding, calling over a 3G cellular network, only WIFI calling is allowed : ) this also did not included PTT (push to talk Skype VOIP) etc,

This Skype VOIP for iPhone update do not has an updated iPad specific interface, but Skype promises that a compatible Skype VOIP iPad version will be soon out,

Compatibility / Requirements for the newest Skype version for Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad: It requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later...

FYI: Truphone has already released its VOIP application (in apple iTunes store) for making VOIP calls via iPad!

Virus Ready: HTC Magic Android Voda Fone Smart Mobile

The below's newscast is not any excerpt from famous Ripley's unbelievable but true, but this is really true and to be believed : )

According to the various published news stories, Trend Micro, the internet, viruses and malware etc. security company has alerted about a strange discovery, that malware are being pre-installed on the HTC Magic Android based Vodafone smart mobile handsets,

This could lead to the spread of viruses and malware into PC or any gadgets, when somebody plugs these virus ready HTC Magic Android VodaFone Smart Mobile via USB into any PC or any gadget, the WORM_SILLY.QT could make the PC or gadget infectious to this online virus!

Trend Micro threat research believes that perhaps any PC etc in Vodafone's production unit has the WORM_SILLY.QT computer virus, and this worm has been now propagating through removable drives etc, and this might have cause the memory, SD cards etc in a certain batch of smart phones get infected to the worm?!

News sources says that one of the recipient of such malware-laden smart cell phones was, a worker from a famous Spanish antivirus firm Panda Security,

According to a Trend Micro prediction in its 2010 Future Threat Report, they rightly anticipated that the future smart cell Phones directly coming out from the factories may carry Malware / viruses in 2010...

After the smart malware issue (in HTC Magic Android VodaFone) became public Vodafone has to made an official announcement, that the issue of malware laden mobile was an isolated one, and told that the very issue is localized only to a batch of Vodafone HTC magic Android mobile handsets shipped to Spain!

Fring: Control Others Cell Phone's Cam from a Distance, Activate it

Israel based Fring is the world's hottest chat, IM, social network and mobile peer to peer (p2p) VOIP apps provider and software maker for Apple iphone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows, Symbian S60 and many smart PDAs and cell phones, so anybody can make free unlimited two way VIDEO call: local or international using Fring on cell phone via Skype VOIP or Fring to Fring, anywhere, anytime using 3G or WIFI connectivity,

Now Fring’s lab is working on another smart mobile phone technology, in which you can easily and remotely control others cell phone / camera even from a distance : )

Yeah its true and unbelievable and sounds something like a bluetooth wireless tech but quiet different and innovative ground breaking tech in the Fring's pipeline, which will be rolled out in the next updated version of Fring Apps for cell phones and mobiles,

Well done Fring!!! The mobile VOIP guys…

Readers! If you want to be a tester or a part of Fring's Early Access - Remote Mobile Camera Activation technology and want to test it first before the rest of the world than join hands with Team Fring here

: ) But I just read on Fring's blog, this is not real, it was an APRIL FOOL PRANK : ( huh...

Reverse Mobile Caller ID: Locate Anonymous Phone Number Look Up

TrueCaller is a unique mobile Caller ID app. with Call Blocker

FreeVcalls has featured an interesting peace of writing: how to trace or locate anonymous mobile phone calls with TrueCaller,

TrueCaller is a cell phone app designed by Software Scandinavia AB which is a Swedish company, this Truecaller mobile caller ID app shows you who is the caller when you receive a call from a phone number which is not stored or saved in your mobile phonebook, and this also works with outgoing calls,

TrueCaller or the True Mobile Caller ID app is like a reverse phone call locator and is a cool mobile app which gives real time info of anonymous or the unknown callers, this mobile app currently works in 25+ nations viz. USA, Canada, INDIA, Sweden, France Italy Denmark etc, but sorry no UK here,

It works on various mobile OS like Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone etc and more than 500 mobile handset / devices,

Watch the truecaller YouTube videos:

In few nations or some companies their back-end system adds few digits in beginning or at end of the phone number of an incoming call to indicate something, Like in few companies they use to add a set of few digits just to indicate that this call is a forwarded call or that it is merely a internal call within the company etc.

With TrueCaller call tracer app still you can locate the callers though your system adds digits by simply removing them!

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