Skype Access: Free Worldwide Wi-Fi Give Away

Skype is the most trusted and usable VOIP brand worldwide, virtually in our daily lives we all uses its fabulous free & unlimited Skype to Skype video call, anywhere to anywhere, anytime and every time : )

Now Skype has an another free gift for its users, which is full launch of its SKYPE ACCESS: and you can use this for free and Skype is giving away free Wi-Fi access at approx 100,000+ hot-spots around the world, on 20-21 March 2010,

When we are on go or on move, we realize that we need a hot spot to connect the virtual world and thus we need WiFi, that is why Skype Access comes, its handy, easy to go and the best thing this is from brand SKYPE which means no hassles! and to use this SKYPE ACCESS, you just have to pay for the actual use (PAYG basis) and you will pay for a minute as per your actual usage, nothing to pay for an hour if you actually used it for just 10 minutes or so : ) a great saving,

Also this free Skype access offer extends to and is valid for UK to 2359 on Monday 22 March. So at a UK air port with compatible hotspot, one can be online for free and also can make great value calls, Skype to Skype, worldwide : )

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