Rebtel VOIP for Android & Nexus One: Free Call App for Cell Phones

Rebtel VOIP (Rebtel mobile VOIP technology uses standard cellular networks for connecting the phone call via Internet) is a cool phone to phone free to cheap international call provider which do not requires any internet connection or PC, just call phone to phone, even no WiFi needed,

Free Calling:

Now Rebtel has an another milestone: its a new app for Android OS based telephones and the beauty lies that this free calling app for Android makes international calls automatically and totally free in-between 51 countries (which are within free Rebtel zone), This Rebtel Free Call app for Android based cell phones will be surfaced soon, any day, within the Android Market,

Rebtel Free Call app will be free for the users to download and for use via Rebtel, to use Rebtel free call app for Android select an Int'l number and just hit the call button to connect,

The international call will be free when the caller and receiver (both ends of the call) have the Rebtel Free Call app installed on their cells, if this is not the case than Rebtel's low call rates will apply (when the person at receiving end do not have Rebtel Free Call app installed on his cell),

The Rebtel's VoIP free international calling app for Google's Android OS is well suited for Google Nexus One, it makes international call free and crystal clear using Nexus One, this Rebtel's free calling app is one of the first app of its kind in the Android platform,

Venture Beat even claims that, "Rebtel makes Android calls cheaper than Skype" (as we know SKYPE VOIP is the undisputed world leader in P2P video call technology and unlimited Skype to Skype free calls (video and audio), anywhere to anywhere, anytime!)

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