Mexico VOIP: Axtel Conmigo weds Fring: Fixed VOIP goes Mobile

Mexico's leading telco and fixed line telecom provider Axtel's new service named as AXTEL CONMIGO has partnered with FRING, the Israel based mobile VOIP app provider,

This VOIP partnership will bring Axtel's fixed line Internet calls to mobile handsets and Axtel is the first in Mexico to extend such kind of VOIP mobile partnership,

Now the Axtel Conmigo VOIP subscribers too can receive the home phone calls, social networking like Skype, Facebook, GTalk, Twitter etc on their cellular phones, or compatible, mobile devices, PDAs etc,

Fring mobile VOIP app works on both type of telecom networks viz.: Wi-Fi and also over 3G cellular networks, and works on variety of mobile handsets including range of Nokia's Symbian, Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, Google' Android, Windows Mobiles, and Fring supports unlimited free international FRING to FRING, or SKYPE TO SKYPE calling over 3G or Wi-Fi...

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