iPhone Dual Mode 3G, Cell, Free VoIP Call App: Line2, Two Numbers in One Cell

Innovation seems to be never ending and when it’s the telecom, VOIP, mobile sector its going with a revolution where calling rates are going down each and every passing day and even free across the borders and the technology has no bounds : )

Line2 (Apple iPhone, iPod Touch & Blackberry mobile app from Toktumi ) is a dual mode VOIP (WIFi / 3G cellular) call app designed for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and RIM Blackberries, its designed to make an unlimited call via VOIP over WIFI and if no WIFI hotspot is there make VOIP (Internet) call via AT&T / 3G cellular network, thirty day trial is for free to check the performance of this cool Apple iPhone VOIP app to work as a second number on the same iPhone / Blackberry!

Just register with them and get a free new Line2 number (this Line2 app offers a local number, 800-number, or even you are allowed to transfer your existing number), Line2 works crystal clear in a WiFi zone, and if there is no WIFI than this VOIP calling app connect via AT&T 3G cellular network, but the call reception is good while in WiFi, further when you call a Line2 number than this app performs few enhancements to boost up the best of all voice quality.

This iPhone app makes your Apple smart, the phone will itself scan / detect the way available to make the cheapest call - and you have nothing to worry how to do, it also switch the active calls between WiFi and 3G itself if / when you change the networks, and if in your area the AT&T phone reception is bad than this little VOIP app is always good for you : )

Suppose you are making a call using Line2 than another call comes on the original number, this app's software will ask you to choose, your mood, which call you wish to attend and if you had closed the Line2 app, than still your all calls can route to your original number, this is the beauty of this app,

WiFi call are always FREE so you can make an unlimited FREE CALLS while in a WIFI zone, nothing to pay to AT&T etc carriers as no minutes are consumed! (But actually you have to pay for the monthly subscription USD$14.99 / AT&T subscription etc etc to subscribe the services, so its not 100% free but can substantially reduce the phone bill),

Line2 mobile app works with Apple iPod Touch too and converts a pod into a full mobile, in a Wi-Fi hot spot zone, the iPod Touch works as a cellular phone and you have to pay no charges to any carrier like AT&T,

This Line2 dual mode VOIP calling app for iPhone could help a lot for the iPhone owners to have a separate personal & a business phone numbers, and could significantly can bring the phone bill to the ground, as it could reduce the their monthly voice minutes just by permitting them to make voice call via Wi-Fi and also on 3G Voice via VOIP, this VOIP Line2 App has the power to make separate the personal & biz contacts within the separate tabs thus permitting the incoming calls to sort them based on personal or biz contacts!

VOIP app Line2 is can be downloaded from App Store for $0.99 (yeah its not free), this comes with a full 30-day free trial for the whole service, than thereafter this will cost for USD 14.95 per month and than it contains unlimited U.S. A. / Canada call with conference calling!

Line2 VOIP call at RIM Blackberry:

Watch Line2 on YouTube:

A BlackBerry is not compatible with WiFI / 3G VoIP calling so Line2 app for BlackBerry only works over a cellular network, ok : ) or 3G VoIP calling. Line2 for BlackBerry works over your cellular network.

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