Fring & iPhone: Two way Free Video Call, its Coming the Israel based mobile VOIP & chat app provider or rather its a mobile internet community to access & interact to your online social networks on-the-move, is a wonder for whole of the mobile and telephony world, they had really made our lives simple & meaningful: the communication is vital and they are helping the people find the way to make FREE & unlimited international video or audio calling (Fring to Fring or Skype etc), on go, by smart cell phones using the Wi-Fi or 3G networks,

Fring has VOIP apps for many platforms and mobile OS like Windows, Android etc including Apple iPhone 3GS too, to make video calls but the problem is that the cam of the iPhone is at the back side of the mobile hence only one way video calling is possible, i.e. you can watch your contact but your helpless contact could not watch your lovely face : )

CNET reports that at CTIA in Las Vegas, they have took a sneak peek at two features but they are still in the works and will soon roll out as the next version of Fring VOIP app for Apple's iPhone, which will include a solution to make the two way video call on iPhone, and they could be all free (local or overseas) when its Fring to Fring or Skype to Skype etc calling…

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