Free VOIP Call Malaysia at PSTN & Cell from within Malaysia only

This Flekx FREE Internet or VOIP calling service (pl check if this really works?) is only available Malaysia to Malaysia and will not work from out of Malaysia so simply its meant for Malaysians and locals living there : ) You may tell this to your family, friends and contact living there to give a try, Free is generally good : )

You have to download a PortSIP Softphone, follow the instructions and start making free VOIP local call to Malaysian contacts from Malaysia,

Just remember that if your laptop or PC is placed behind any firewall / router and is blocking the VOIP traffic, than you could never register the PortSip soft phone with this Flekx server, than try to contact [email protected] for any troubleshooting or so,

Enjoy the domestic FREE Malaysian call on landlines and cellular phones,

Flekx Free Malaysia PSTN / Mobile call FAQ:

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